10 tips for Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland

Posted September 29, 2012 by Wendy Wright in Disney

10 Tips for Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland

It is no secret that Disneyland is one of our family’s favorite destinations, especially at Halloween time. Enjoy these 10 tips for Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland to get the most out of the not so scary event.

In case you do not know, our family loves Disney. The profile picture I created for Twitter and Facebook with the Minnie Mouse ears might give it away for those who do not know.

One of our favorite times of the year to visit Disneyland is Halloween time. We went three years in a row and are sadly not going this year. So please, indulge my memory lane as I share adorable pictures from our fun.


Disneyland is the only place my children will encounter family friendly costumes. Truly, there is no place like Disneyland, as they transform the park with Mickey Pumpkins and Mickey Mouse ghosts.

10 tips for Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland

Minnie Pumpkin greets visitors to Disneyland at Halloween

1. Go early and buy your tickets in advance.

Buying your ticket online assures that you will be admitted to the event. There is nothing worse than standing outside the gates with your daughter dressed up as Cinderella crying because she cannot get in.

Admission is set for a specific time. Go early to get in line to enter. At least an hour early was our plan and we were still behind about 50 people in the line.

The event goes late into the evening but little ones do not always make it. Go and have fun before they tucker out.

Minnie Witch and Magician Mickey at Halloween

2. Dress the entire family in costumes and wear them as you enter the gate.

Right after we entered the gates we were given a treat sack, but it was only given to those in costume.

Mickey’s Halloween Party is the only time adults are allowed into the park wearing costumes. Take full advantage of it. Some go all out and look almost authentic.

My children still remember when I dressed as Mrs. Incredible and my husband dressed as Mr. Incredible. Make those great memories for your children, even if the people who are not dressed in costumes look at you funny. The children love it and appreciate it.

Be sure to visit Disneyland’s website to view the rules about costumes.

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