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30 Plus Tomato Free Pizza and Pasta Ideas

30+ Tomato-Free Pizza & Pasta Ideas

Hi Plugged In Family fans! I’m Wendy from Around My Family Table. Now don’t get us confused, but us Wendy’s love to stick together! I’m super excited to be guest posting here today for Wendy. She is such a dear friend and I love helping out a friend with a guest post. They are so much fun and I get to do things I don’t always do. Today I’m bringing you 30+ tomato-free pizza & pasta ideas.

Tomato Free Roundup

When Wendy and I get together, we are such a joy when ordering our meal with all the food allergies between us. The waiter usually has a good laugh. But food allergies are a serious issue these days. Let’s move past the typical peanut allergies, wheat allergies, soy allergies and talk tomato allergies! Whether you just hate tomatoes like my daughter or have an allergy to tomato products, tomatoes are hard to avoid. They are especially hard to avoid in Italian dishes. So I hope you find something to make on this list that you will love. I’ve asked my favorite food bloggers to share their tomato-free dishes….so here is my giant list. Enjoy!

Tomato-Free Pasta Ideas

Tomato-Free Pizza Ideas

Which recipe will you be trying first?

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