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Automate Your Home Through Your Smartphone

PEQ smart home monitors via video and camera with your smartphone

Somewhere between The Jetsons and Jarvis from Iron Man lives a little device with a quirky name waiting for your every command.

PEQ arrives in little black boxes and initial setup only took about an hour from start to finish without any technical knowledge required.

How to set up your PEQ system

  1. Select the items that fit your home directly from PEQ or select Best Buy stores.
  2. Visit PEQ to create an account at only $9.99 per month.
  3. Install the PEQ hub.
  4. Pair your selected devices one at a time with the hub.
  5. Set up alerts based upon your family’s needs.
  6. Download the app for your phone.

The step by step videos on their website easily show what needs to be done to get the PEQ system up and activated in your house. You do need to have access to the router in order for the system to work.

PEQ lamp, camera, motion detector, and water detector

Peace of mind is simply at your fingertips

PEQ is a smart home service where you can live your life without worries but it is not a home security system.

PEQ indoor and outdoor camera for the home

The camera was surprisingly easy to use in both a room with lights on and a room with total darkness. We used the camera to peek in on our sick child while he was sleeping.  Not only did we see him in real time, but photographs and 15 second videos were options on the iPhone app. This would have been so helpful to use in the nursery when the boys were babies. Live streaming video happens to your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

The water sensor was needed in our house several months ago when we had an unnoticed leak in our house. After activating the water sensor, the directions indicated placing a damp towel over the sensor. As soon as we did this a text alert came across the iPhone indicating there was water present. Clearly the monthly subscription fee is worth knowing when water is present so you do not get a surprise repair bill for water damage. The water sensor is now in the exact same place the leak was before, just in case it happens again.

PEQ battery powered motion sensor for your home

The most useful item out of all that we tried is the lamp module with dimmer. Turning the light on and off simply by using a smartphone is genius. You never have to ask if you remembered to turn something off again. Just one look at your phone and you know if it is on or off.

Rules give you freedom

Rules can be set up for any day of the week from the website. If you want a light turned on Mondays at 3:45 pm and off at 4:27 pm, simply create a rule. A great way to use this is during vacation time. Want to know when the kids get home from school? Simply create a rule that whenever the door opens you receive a text and a 15 second video is taken for viewing on your smartphone.

PEQ free iPhone app screenshots

Alerts monitor your home

Whenever motion or water is detected or even when a door opens or closes, alerts give you peace of mind. The last few alerts are tracked on your phone and if rules are in place they are also texted to you as soon as it happens. When a paired device is offline there is a specific alert on the home screen.

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A smart home with your smartphone

Controlling everything with your phone is simply easy and efficient whether you are home or not with the PEQ free app. An unlimited number of devices can be connected for your specific home needs and if you run into any trouble, they offer live tech support and customer care support seven days per week. PEQ installs with either adhesive tape or screws, which are both provided in each piece making peace of mind easy and portable.

Let your smartphone help you automate your home and life, not the other way around.

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