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Beyond Mixers: KitchenAid Appliances Arrive at Best Buy

KitchenAid Not Just Your Mother's Mixer

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

KitchenAid is known as an excellent mixer and one that my mother-in-law passed down to me. It sits proudly on our own kitchen counter in a glorious red color, but now they are going beyond mixers. Imagine an entire kitchen in KitchenAid appliances.

KitchenAid is not just your mother’s mixer anymore.

With Halloween just a few days away that means only one thing. Fall is here and the holidays will be here before you know it. Along with the merriment is entertaining and holiday cooking.

Best Buy wants you to take a look at new refrigerators and ranges available in their stores that are made by KitchenAid.

On our family’s next trip to Best Buy we are looking forward to visiting the kitchen department to look at KitchenAid’s new refrigerators since ours is in desperate need of upgrading. There are so many new features since we bought our last one it is exciting to see what is available.

KitchenAid Referigerator

KitchenAid appliances features new refrigerators

Why have two doors or even four doors on your refrigerator when you can have five. Yes, five. For those who like to be organized, the Stainless Steel French Drawer Refrigerator with five drawers will keep everything in its place for even better access to food with flexibility for your lifestyle.

No longer will you come home from work only to discover that the chicken or beef thawing for that night’s meal is not ready. A dedicated drawer with five different temperatures means marinating or thawing will be ready when you are, making family meal time easier.

The soft close pantry drawers, undershelf lighting, and new crispers are just a few of the fun features that keep your food fresh and easy to find.

KitchenAid range

New KitchenAid Ranges

Switching out your old range with the new KitchenAid ranges provide a seamless look while still fitting the traditional cut-out in your existing space.

With the Even-Heat technology, food is cooked consistently throughout by maintaining an even temperature throughout the cooking process with the use of the convection fan. Convection baking is not only energy efficient but also a time saver.

Getting different dishes on the table at the same time is usually a challenge with Thanksgiving and Christmas family get togethers. No need to figure out how to warm the rolls without burning them when the turkey is in the oven. The baking drawer on the KitchenAid range keeps the main oven at one temperature while keeping other dishes warm or slow cooking in the baking drawer.

By far the most intriguing option in some of the new ranges are the exclusive steam rack and steam bake cooking options. Keeping food moist and ensuring it is cooked thoroughly is easy with these options.

Some of the ranges even offer a Sabbath mode, which offers an extended period of time to comply with kosher cooking practices.

Special offers from Best Buy to help with your KitchenAid kitchen

  • Through October 31st, receive a free 10-pc painted Stainless-Steel KitchenAid cookware set with the purchase of any KitchenAid range or over the range microwave.
  • Save an additional 5% through October 31st with the purchase of 3 or more KitchenAid major kitchen appliances
  • 18 month financing on major appliance purchases $599 and up or 10% back in rewards
  • Free delivery, haul-away, and recycling on major appliance purchases $399 and up.

KitchenAid Appliances at Best Buy

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After reading the new features offered by KitchenAid appliances, it is easy to see why they offer “appliances for those with a burning desire to create.”

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