Captain America Pizza

Captain America Pizza

Since the Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD release is on Tuesday we celebrated with a family fun night, complete with Captain America Pizza that is super easy to make on a busy night.


Marketside pizza

Located in the Walmart deli are their pre-made Marketside pizzas, making family movie night or an Avengers party simply easy to create. It literally takes less than 2 minutes to gather the pepperoni and lay them out. Pretty easy for a powerful impact for those who love superheroes, especially Captain America.

Captain America Pizza


  • Marketside pizza
  • Extra pepperoni, optional
  • Extra cheese, optional


  1. Remove pizza from box.
  2. Throw pizza box on the floor. (More on that below)
  3. Remove outer plastic wrapper.
  4. Take off all of the pepperoni and rearrange them. Create the large outer ring first then create the inner ring by slightly overlapping the pepperoni. Add additional pepperoni if you would like or just use what comes in the box.
  5. Add extra cheese if desired.
  6. Bake according to directions and serve.

Avengers Augmented Reality App

Why throw the pizza box on the floor?

I can guarantee you this is the first time we have had an empty pizza box thrown down on the floor with children huddled around watching intently to see what happens when technology meets a MarketSide Pizza box decorated with The Avengers character from Walmart.

Download The Avengers Augmented Reality App and simply aim it at the pizza box.

A specially marked box just for Avengers is available for a limited time.

The iPad provided a wonderful city view with characters on top of the buildings. My oldest son turned the box around and discovered Black Widow was hiding in the back. 

Playing game

While the kiddos where occupied playing on the iPad, I quickly turned a pepperoni pizza into a Captain America pizza, by simply rearranging the pepperoni slices. Kids entertained while pizza is cooking makes for an easy night.

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