Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker for iPhone Rocks

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Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker at the Apple Store

Most newlyweds tend to disagree about mundane things such as over or under for the toilet paper but for us, it was PC vs. Mac. It was an iMac to be exact. The flavor was grape. Remember those days? In a great effort to make our marriage start off on the right foot, I cried as I surrendered my beloved Apple product and I never looked back.

Boy have times changed. Less than two years ago was when my husband willingly went with me to the Apple store for his first time. My boys loved it from the start with a table sized just for them to enjoy games on the iPad.

Playing games at the Apple Store

True story: I once drove 600+ miles to buy my new iPhone that was not available anywhere in my state.

Since that day we have welcomed six products from the Apple store into our family. But now we are welcoming our seventh Apple product into our house. Oh happy day!

At the Apple Store buying the Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker

Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker for iPhone with Bluetooth

Gone are the days when we carried a boombox around yet some tunes are not quite the same without feeling every thump of the beat. Thankfully I can introduce that 80’s sound to my boys with the Carbon Audio Bluetooth Pocket Speaker sold exclusively at Apple stores.

Don’t be fooled by the small size of this speaker.

With just a smidgen larger than the iPhone 5C and 5S and about 2 1/2 times the width, it definitely can fit in your pocket.

There is a reason why Apple calls it Extra small. Extra loud.

When selecting the item off the shelf I was honestly imagining something much larger. If they had a demo in the store and you heard the sound you would have no idea it came from such a tiny device.

Think of this speaker as a toddler. It reminds me of the adorable two year old who looks like an angel and then throws a tantrum in a store. You never knew a tiny toddler could produce such an enormous sound. Most parents are nodding their head right now totally understanding this common fact bestowed upon unsuspecting new parents.

Small iPhone speaker fits in a child's hands

Fun colors let you show off your personality.

If you like fun colors, try the hot pink and white combination or yellow and white. If you want to be a little more traditional, then choose black with blue down the side or even green or white. Since red was not an option, a strictly black on black color made the best choice after consulting with my boys.

Portable Bluetooth speaker fits in jeans back pocket

Favorite features of the Pocket Speaker:

  • Fits in your pocket so it can go anywhere.
  • No need to leave your cell phone out at a gathering where it is accessible to anyone. Just tuck your phone in your pocket to keep it secure and use the speaker to play the music.
  • Portable and can go into the next room.
  • While the speaker is playing, no sound comes out of your phone.
  • Sound comes out both sides so it can fill the entire room with the sound.
  • Bluetooth connections means my iPhone and iPad can both play music. It even works with an iPod.
  • It takes less than two minutes to unbox the speaker, turn it on, and sync it to your iOS device.
  • You can feel the vibration of the speaker on both sides.

Taking phone calls through the Pocket Speaker is a great benefit to those with hearing problems.

One hidden benefit of the Pocket Speaker is when music is playing and a call comes in, the number is announced through the speaker. By selecting audio source on your iPhone, the Pocket Speaker turns into a conversation that those who have hearing problems can benefit from. The microphone included with the speaker allows hands free conversations with much better sound control.

Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker close up view

Wrapping Christmas presents will be so much fun this year as the music fills the air. We already used the speaker while we set up the Christmas tree. Now I have no excuse to not throw out those old cassette tapes filled with Christmas songs from my childhood.

All of these incredible features are available for under $100 and makes the Carbon Audio Bluetooth Pocket Speaker a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. Now, if only I was smart enough to have hidden this from my husband so I could have given this to him for Christmas. That would have been music to his ears.

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