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Choo Choo Girl Genevieve Goings Releases First Solo Album For Kids

Choo Choo Soul with Genevieve Goings from Disney new single My Telephone Number Is

Genevieve Goings may not be a name you easily recognize but if you say her name a little differently you will totally know who I am talking about. Choo Choo Soul…with Genevieve! Now that you finally know her last name, I am excited to partner with her on promoting her new solo album.

Raising two boys who love Disney meant we spent a lot of time watching Genevieve sing so when she appeared at Disney Social Media Moms and I had a chance to hear her sing in person, it was simply amazing. On top of that, I won a chance to meet her where she sang to me and recorded it on video to share with you. More about those special moments in another post where we share information about Genevieve’s partnership with Disney’s newest initiative in partnership with First Book called ‘Give a Book, Get a Book’ on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

Genevieve Goings is releasing her upcoming solo album called Do You Know on June 3, 2014.

Pre-order the {affiliate link} Do You Know album and receive instant access to the albums next single called Gotta Do My Business. One time hearing this song and it almost makes me wish for those potty training days again. This is the song we needed to sing along with during those hard months of potty training boys. If you are potty training a child soon, then you definitely need this song to encourage you and your child.

Choo Choo Girl Genevieve Goings

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The single My Telephone Number is can be ordered right now.

My Telephone Number is a great song to teach children their phone number and was just released on April 22nd. Repetitive and an easy way for children to learn their phone number by singing. Be sure to check out her video too for memories of the 90’s.

Although the songs are geared toward preschool children, you just might catch yourself singing and dancing along with Genevieve. The music is fun, funky,and puts a smile on your face.


Genevieve Goings has spent 10 years teaching toddlers fundamental fun. From her debut on Playhouse Disney as the hip singing train conductor on the educational interstitials known as “Choo Choo Soul with Genevieve”, through her remaking Classic Disney sing-alongs again with Choo Choo Soul, and voicing the learning bumpers featured on the new Disney Junior network. Genevieve is now welcoming a second generation of viewers and listeners with the release of her first solo album doing what she does best – teaching and entertaining children.

“Do You know?” is a new presentation path for learning for young children age 2-7 years old. It features songs and videos aimed at helping preschoolers learn their phone number, telling time, putting themselves to bed, and the more personal things like hygiene and dealing with potty training in a dignified manner. This new inspiring set of songs is fun for the whole family and will have you, as parents and teachers, singing and dancing along.


I was sent the single of “My Telephone Number is” by Genevieve Goings as an influencer with Entertainment New Media Network for a sponsored campaign.

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