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Classic Star Wars Comic Book Pin Board Brings the Galaxy to Your Office

Custom Star Wars Pin Boards bring the galaxy to your office

Displaying your Star Wars fandom in your home or office is fun with these custom made classic Star Wars comic book pin boards.

Introducing the new handmade Star Wars pin board collection.

Our family makes these products by hand so no two are exactly alike. They are available for purchase in our Etsy shop.

Designing products we personally use is the entire focus of our Etsy shop. From those products, we then make them available for you to enjoy.

Retro is cool again with the classic comic book fabric that makes for a great gift for the Star Wars fan who grew up with the original trilogy and remembers being in the movie theater when it all began.

This will be a gift long remembered.

Each board comes with the ability to personalize the back. Add your favorite movie quote or a handwritten message with a metallic pen, truly making it unique and personalized.

Pin board display ideas:

  • Star Wars pins
  • Favorite Star Wars quotes
  • Home office
  • Pictures
  • Trading cards
  • Man Cave
  • Wall art

They are made of lightweight materials so they are perfect for your cubicle life at work, yet are sturdy enough to stand up to multiple uses.

It is no secret we are huge Star Wars fans so designing a product that we personally use has been an incredible joy. The Force is strong with this pin board.

If the thought of putting a pin in it seems daunting, you can simply choose to display it as wall art.

Whether you choose the light side or the dark side you can bring the Force to your home or office and in classic Star Wars style.

You can purchase this classic Star Wars comic book pin board and see other Star Wars items in our Etsy shop. May the Force be with you.

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