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DC Cosplay at Phoenix Comicon

The Joker from Justice League Arizona at Phoenix Comicon 2016

DC Comics have been around since 1934, bringing with it many heroes and villains for fans but it is the DC villains that took over Phoenix Comicon 2016. Many of the villains were off wreaking havoc across the Valley of the Sun but we managed to capture a few of them.

Many DC cosplayers from Justice League Arizona were found at their booth on the third floor of the Phoenix Convention Center, located in the Hall of Heroes.


Whatever you do, don’t let Vacation Joker take your picture. No word on if the camera has any special features on it, but even on vacation you can be sure Joker has a few evil plans up his sleeve.

DC Villain Cosplayers at Phoenix Comicon 2016

Even when you are taking a picture of DC villains, a Marvel character is sure to pop into the picture and bring out the worst in the villains.

Batman Cosplay at Phoenix Comicon 2016

I’m Batman.

DC Female Cosplay Group at Phoenix Comicon 2016

An amazing all female cosplay group of DC female superheroes feature Supergirl, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Joker, and Wonder Woman.

Green Lantern Cowboy at Phoenix Comicon 2016

The friendliest Cowboy Green Lantern you ever did see but watch out for Joker. Batman caught up with him.

Robin Cosplay Phoenix Comicon 2016

Robin showed off his cool moves and wore his upgraded Robin armor. Read more about Johnny as our featured cosplayer.

Russian Superman, Bane, Aquaman Cosplay at Phoenix Comicon 2016

While not every cosplayer was found in the Hall of Heroes, some were found in the exhibit hall and happily posed for pictures with fans. Russian Superman, Bane, and Aquaman were an awesome group of male cosplayers to find.

Wonder Woman Cosplay at Phoenix Comicon 2016

The joy and smile on an exhibitor dressed as Wonder Woman made you want to stop at her booth where she was giving away free squishy brains.

Batman and Robin at Phoenix Comicon 2016

Batman and Robin show off their love of the classic 1960’s TV style of Batman and Robin, complete with Boom and Pow!

The DC Universe was well represented at Phoenix Comicon 2016 with DC Cosplay from both heroes and villains. We cannot wait to see what 2017 brings.

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