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Disney Infinity Scores Big with Kids and Adults

Disney Infinity surpasses all expectations and is one game you definitely need to add to your video game list. After my initial time playing the game today for an extended period, it is safe to say that Disney Infinity provides hours and hours of entertainment.

A first look at Disney Infinity video game

The game begins with an introduction and the first character we meet is Sorcerer Mickey. A perfect beginning to any Disney game. Afterward, you are provided a few glimpses of what you will see as you play the game. These scenes alone will have the kids itching to take the controller from your hands.

My husband brought our pre-ordered game home this morning and within five minutes of starting the game we ran to the car to go purchase more characters for me the boys to play. We now have every character currently out in the stores. Yes, it is that good.

Sorcerer Mickey welcomes you to Disney Infinity video game

Even with my hours and hours of Disney Infinity playtime today I have only explored the hub, Monsters University, and Pirates.

After exploring the hub where Cinderella’s castle is, my character reached level 3, earned a ray gun, and received 11 spins. Very surprised by how much was achieved in the first area.

Monsters University is where the majority of my time was spent finding collectibles and learning how the game played. Two of the favorite were sneaking up on monsters to scare them and paintball. All the fun but without the mess.

Disney Infinity is not a game you simply finish in one day and forget about.

In Pirates I have reached my 17th area of activity and I still have not finished it and have no idea how much is left to complete. You go from an island to sailing Captain Jack’s ship, back to an island, and then back to the Black Pearl. Game play continues like this and is made even more fun by using cannons to defeat your enemies on the high seas and the ability to customize the look of your ship.

There is still one more entire world to experience, plus the Toy Box. Not to mentioned add on worlds and characters we purchased.

Disney Infinity scores big with kids and adults

Here are a few things you need to know about Disney Infinity:

  • Disney Infinity is rated E10+ which means it is rated for children aged 10 years and older. After playing the game I feel this is an accurate rating. I have two boys who are 10 years old and 7 years old Both can play the game easily; however, they have been playing video games for years such as LEGO Star Wars and Skylanders that require skill and thought to complete. 
  • There are guns, swords, bombs, and fighting in the game. You cannot complete the game or advance in the level without using a variety of these methods.
  • When you arrive at Cinderella’s Castle there is room to explore or you can go onto the platform and select from four colored hexagonal pieces. The green one allows you to pick a toy and add it to your world. Yellow is for the vault, which is locked until you earn spins to unlock it. Red is for travel to mystery adventures, adventures, prebuilt toy box worlds, save, and load previously saved games of Monsters University, Pirates, Incredibles, or Toy Box. The purple is for the Hall of Heroes.
  • When you are ready to play Monsters University, Pirates, or the Incredibles simply place the Starter Pack Playset piece included on the Disney Infinity base. You can then select which world you would like to play in.

Cinderella's Castle with fireworks on Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity plays very much like Toy Story 3.

There are prize capsules located throughout the game, which unlock features, customizations, and clothing. At certain parts of the game play there are large buttons to press to open iron gates, just like the buttons that were on the sides of buildings in Toy Story 3. Even the laughter of one of the characters sounds identical to the robbers in Toy Story 3.

The similarity continues with the stars and points you receive for breaking pieces apart or for defeating other characters. Each one helps to level you up or increase the amount of spending points you have toward purchasing customizations or extra features for your game play.

Additionally, there are people with a bright light shining from their head and when you interact with them they give you a task to do. Do the task well enough and you can earn a gold star. There is an easy reference guide for keeping track of what tasks you were given, ones completed, and ones with gold stars.

When you complete a task, the game play stops as there are streamers and stars that flow across the screen praising you for your efforts. It is short and provides positive encouragement for children.

Just a word of warning for you. If you did not like the features listed above on how Toy Story 3 played, then you will not like Disney Infinity.

Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean ride in Disney Infinity video game

Disney Infinity is worth the $74.99 price tag even though you need to buy the additional characters.

Disney Infinity is an amazing game that provides hours and hours of entertainment for children and adults. I am so happy we purchased our game and are thinking of purchasing another one. With one day of game play on the Xbox 360 I have not even completed 1/3 of the game and only have 16 out of 50 achievements. I cannot wait to explore the rest of the game, even if it means I have an intense desire to go ride Pirates of the Caribbean right now.

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