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Disney Parks Blog MeetUp | Mickey and the Magical Map

An inside look at a Disney Parks Blog Magical Meet Up with Mickey and the Magical Map at Disneyland

When Disney Parks Blog announced 750 tickets were available for their readers, plus one guest each, to a private showing of Mickey and the Magical Map, I was one of the fortunate ones who were in the right place at the right time and we were thrilled to attend this special Magical Meet Up at Disneyland.

This was our first experience with the Disney Parks Blog Meetup and they exceeded any expectations we had.

Disney Parks Blog Magical Meet Up Mickey and the Magical Map

We were escorted in small groups through the park with nine different cast members holding a baton up to lead the crowd. Since I was first in the line, I was introduced to each cast member. It completely reminded me of a relay race except no one shared the baton.

We waited just outside the area until everyone arrived and were one of the very first ones seated. A cast member had already given us a tip that the show is better in the back than in the front row. We chose seats in the back row of the main section of seats, which were about halfway through the theatre.

Watching Mickey and the Magical Map

If you have really good eyes and like to find a Hidden Mickey, you just might be able to find a Hidden Wendy (me) plus my husband and two boys in the first photo on the Disney Parks Blog post about the event.

Not only did we receive a private showing of Mickey and the Magical Map, each person was presented with a Mickey Mouse popcorn container and choice of a cold soda or water.

Mickey and the Magical Map Luggage Tag

The only thing missing was the red carpet, because we felt like royalty.

Disney continues to amaze me in the ways they provide the magic in only the way Disney truly can.

We watched the amazing new show and would have loved to have seen it again. Twenty-two minutes is simply not nearly long enough and this could easily have been an hour long show.

Mickey and the Magical Map is a live show inside Disneyland, located in Fantasyland just before you enter Toontown. During the summer, shows are scheduled throughout the day but end before sunset. Definitely plan on adding this to your must see list this summer when visiting Disneyland.

If you are a gamer, Mickey and the Magical Map looks like it was inspired by Epic Mickey.

Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey and Yen Sid in Mickey and the Magical Map

As soon as the show started and Yen Sid appeared I recalled the Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2 adventures. Mickey even has a paint brush, just like in the video game. There cannot be a coincidence with this.

When the show was finished we thought the fun was over, but it was not.

Erin Glover on stage addressing Disney Parks Blog Meetup Guests

We were each given a raffle ticket and five prizes were raffled off. The second prize announced was a Mickey Mouse watch for a male and my little seven year old son won! He was over the moon excited since Mickey is his absolute favorite.

Not only did my son win a Mickey Mouse watch, he is also pictured on theĀ Disney Parks Blog!

My son is the one with long curly hair wearing his R2D2 Mickey Mouse ears hat.

Won the Mickey watch

A question and answer session followed the private showing of Mickey and the Magical Map.

  • Hostess: Erin Glover, manager of social media and print for Disneyland
  • Tracy Halas, show director and choreographer
  • Mike Layman, technical director
  • Scott Auerbach, art director

Watch the video below for the entire question and answer session where audience members even asked questions. While my R2D2 is barely visible in the video below, you can hear him ask his question if you go to 7:48.

My little R2D2 realized he forgot to tell Erin Glover thank you for his watch so he stood in line to see her afterward and to say “thank you” properly.

While exiting the theatre all guests were greeted with a rice krispie treat with a Mickey and the Magical Map luggage tag. On the back of the tag was the date and Disney Parks Blog Magical Meetup.

After the event concluded we were welcome to enjoy the park for the rest of the night.

Mickey and the Magical Map Disneyland Debut

To every single person who reach out to us during our trip in the park to congratulate our son, you meant so much to us and to him. He continually said, “How do they know me?” Thank you for continuing the Disney magic.

My family received tickets to attend the Magical Meet Up, that were open to the public. I was not asked to write about this event but as a huge Disney fan it is only a natural part of who I am. Thank you Disney for a magical experience and a lifetime of memories.

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