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Disney Pin Trading Party

Pin Trading Party

A Disney pin trading party is a fun focus for a party or add onto another party. Our Star Wars Disney Side Party was fun on an epic scale but we wanted to add in a little bit of the Mouse so that’s where we came up with the idea of hosting a pin trading event at our party.

Pin trading is a recent love for our entire family and we love to hunt for the pin that seems to call our name. Adding this to our party meant my oldest son asked to dress in his suit and tie to look like he was from the concierge desk at the Disneyland Hotel, complete with a personalized Mickey name badge I made for him. He used one of his Star Wars pins as a tie tack because he wanted to showcase that he is Stormtrooper. He greeted guests, gave them each a pin, and asked if they would like to trade, just like if you stayed on property at the Disneyland Hotel.

Supplies for a Disney pin trading party:

  • Disney pins
  • Mickey Mouse pin board
  • Trading rules

Disney Pins

We surprised our guests by supplying all of the pins ourselves. It was our gift to our guests. If you have a smaller budget, it would be recommended that you invite guests to bring their own pins to trade.

Have extra pins on hand for people who are brand new to pin trading or forget their pins at home.

Mickey Pin Board

Display pins on a Mickey Mouse pin board

About 20 pins is a good number to have on hand for guests to choose from for trading. Displaying the pins is a great way to add decoration to your party and have a focal point at the same time. This is how we created our very own Mickey Mouse pin board. We could not find anything like it to purchase or we would have for our party so we figured out how to design one and made our own.

Purchase a Mickey Mouse pin board from our Etsy shop for your own party.

Pin Trading Rules For Our Party

  • Official Disney pins are the only ones allowed for trading.
  • Everyone must have at least one pin.
  • You can trade with any pin on the Mickey Pin Board.
  • If someone is wearing a pin, they have the option to trade with you. Be aware they may decline.
  • Trade as many times as you want with the pin board or with others.

Disney Pin Board for Pin Trading Party

Use our rules or set your own rules that work for your party. Throw in a timer and only allow trades to happen for two minutes and then no more trades while you play a game and then back to trading. Add some snacks and your party is complete.

After our party was over, all of the pins that were left on the Mickey pin board were divided among our family members and taken back to Disneyland to trade at the park.

A pin trading party is easy and fun. You just might find that pin calling for you.

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