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Disney Social Media Moms Twitter Clues for 2014

When I received the Disney Social Media Moms invitation in February I had no idea how much fun it would be to receive clues on Twitter and try to figure them out.

Each clue usually comes with a picture and one even had a QR code. These are great to play for all of the Disney geeks out there or those who love a great game of Clue.

Since I had so much fun with it, I thought you might like to figure them out too.  Follow Disney Social Media Moms on Twitter to join in on the fun. Below are the clues we have already been given and I will update this when a new one arrives.

Do you have a guess? Share your answers below and follow along with the conference hashtag #DisneySMMoms to see if you are correct. I have already figured out two of them but am just going to leave the rest for surprises on the trip.

The Disney Social Media Moms Twitter Clues for 2014








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