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Dr. Who Cosplay at Phoenix Comicon

TK Tardis Dr. Who Cosplay

Whovians are very passionate about all of their doctors and express their love for their favorite British show with Dr. Who cosplay at Phoenix Comicon 2016.

One common theme among Whovians is their extreme passion for all things Dr. Who. Some people even do mashups combining their favorite loves into one cosplay. One Stormtrooper broke Imperial regulations and modified his armor to become the Tardis. We are still awaiting comment from Darth Vader on this breach of protocol.


Anna using the Tardis at Phoenix Comicon 2016

Even Anna from Disney’s Frozen took time to make a call at the Tardis. It seems Olaf had a really difficult day with the extreme Phoenix heat and just couldn’t let it go.

AZ Tardis at the Dr. Who Booth at Phoenix Comicon 2016

Dressed as the Fourth Doctor, portrayed by the actor Tom Baker, she proves that not every Dr. Who cosplayer has to be  a male.

Dr. Who Fan at Phoenix Comicon 2016

A beautiful Tardis dress makes for a great photo opportunity with the Scaro Dalek, Dalek Sec, and the Gold Dalek.

Dalek Cosplay at Phoenix Comicon 2016

These three ladies were very popular at Phoenix Comicon with the Tardis dress flanked by the red Dalek dress and the green Dalek dress.

Whether you are an expert at Dr. Who facts or just could not get into the show, Dr. Who cosplay is one standard you will see at any comicon you attend.

Disclaimer: As a non-Whovian, all Dr. Who facts are identified to the best of our ability.

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