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Easy way to clean ceramic tile with Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop

A Sea of Ceramic Tile

At the design center, one of the major decisions on our new house was flooring. Finding a style that worked with trying to hide dirt (the last house had white tile) while still allowing scorpions to be seen proved to be a bit tricky. We think I made a good choice, considering we had no idea we could choose our own design.

We elected to remove carpeting from the majority of our house and only have it in the bedrooms. This meant that there was ceramic tile through the rest of the house, but I was not prepared for how much tile it really was until we walked in for the first time.

The first glimpse of the ceramic tile felt like an endless ocean. There seemed to be no end to it. Then I was worried we had made a horrible choice, when I considered one other feature I had failed to consider.

How in the world do I manage to clean all this ceramic tile?

Fortunately, Hoover thought I needed help too. They must really understand that I love having a clean home but not the process of getting it clean.

Trying out the Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop

Introducing the Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop.

Every Black Friday when I would go shopping, steam mops was one of the first items to go and I could never understand why women would be so eager for one. Now I know.

My absolute favorite feature is the ability to clean with steam alone or with the Hoover SteamPlus cleaning solution. If you happen to run out of the solution in the middle of cleaning the floor, I can simply continue on with just steam alone. This saves time, money, and lets a party go on because let’s face it, the cleaning solution only runs out right before a party starts.

Surprisingly this tiny little piece of equipment works on carpeting too. Since our carpets have not needed any type of treatment yet, I have no idea how well it works on carpet.

Easy way to clean ceramic tile with Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop

Features that help me, as a mom and the one who hates cleaning:

  • Streak-free finish
  • Clean control dial adjust the amount of cleaning solution needed
  • Green light indicates it is ready to go so I don’t have to guess
  • Twists and turns on a dime to maneuver around corners easily
  • Two separate tanks that are light, even when filled to the brim
  • Extended cord so more can be done with just one plug in
  • Slim design does not overtake the hall closet
  • Microfiber pads are washable and reusable so it saves me money and our landfill
  • Solution plus steam or steam only option
  • Only clean water or cleaning solution to use with NO disposing of icky water

Solution tank for Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop

This steam mop will be replacing my current cleaning method for the tile and I am so happy about it! The TwinTank eliminates my need to daydream while trying to remove stubborn spots because with just a couple passes it is effortlessly gone.

There are no wheels to this product and must be pushed by hand, much to the delight of my nine year old son. He thinks the way it moves side to side and rotates to maneuver around corners is so fun and he wants to use it to clean the floor. What more could a mother ask for?

Hoover TwinTack steam mop contents are clearly labeled

If you are still wondering why I like this product, then maybe this will help. The box states this product “disinfect & Kills or removes great than 99.99% of harmful bacteria” which is simply amazing. With a Russian Tortoise in our house, Salmonella is a concern so this helps add to our cleaning protocol. I love that!

While I was provided this product for review, one question is so important. Would I be willing to pay full price for this product? Absolutely!

The Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop is found at most major retailers, including Amazon. The typical price has been $99.99, which is strangely familiar to the same number of harmful bacteria they claim to remove!

Disclosure: This item was provided to me for review. All opinions and photographs are my own.

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