Empire Day | Star Wars Rebels Episode 6

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Ezra and Kanan running toward Tie Fighters

Empire Day | Star Wars Rebels Episode 6 | November 17, 2014

Kanan is trying to teach Ezra to learn to connect with other beings. Ezra needs to learn to be open to others and let go of his past. Ezra struggles because today is Empire Day. It has been 15 years since the Clone Wars ended and the Emperor started the Galactic Empire. For those not familiar with Star Wars, the Emperor started the Galactic Empire at the conclusion of Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith.

Kanan fights Agent Kallus

During training, Kanan and Ezra see Tie Fighters headed to the town near where they are training.

Tie Fighter in Star Wars Rebels Empire Day

The team encounters Imperial Tie Fighter Pilots looking for a Rodian named Tseebo. The first Rodian see in Star Wars was in Episode IV, A New Hope. Greedo’s short time on screen gave us a first look at a Rodian. On a side note. “Han shot first.” Ezra does not share this with the team, but Tseebo was a friend of Ezra’s parents.

Sabine with Mandalorian bucket on

During Empire day, the Imperials on Lothal decide to have a celebration and introduce the latest Tie Fighter. This is of course interrupted with a beautiful fireworks show provided by Sabine. The finally involves blowing up the Tie Fighter.

Imperial Speeder Bike Star Wars Rebels

As the Stormtroopers search for the rebels, they are cut off from Hera’s evacuation. Ezra takes the team to what was left of his home and fine Tseebo. Tseebo has an implant that has details of Imperial equipment plans and troop movements. The implant is very similar to the one Lobot has from the Empire Strikes Back. They also learn that Ezra does not like this day because he was born on Empire Day. At age seven, the Empire took his parents away from him and he has been living on the streets since.

The Inquisitor Star Wars Rebels

As the Rebels attempt to escape Lothal, Tseebo reveals that he knows what happened to Ezra’s parents.

Star Wars Rebels: “Empire Day” Preview on Disney Video

To be continued…

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