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Exclusive Merchandise Revealed for Star Wars Weekends

Sneak Peek Star Wars Weekends

Disney Parks revealed brand new merchandise for Star Wars fans and exclusive merchandise for Star Wars Weekends at Star Wars Celebration.

Brad Schoenberg, Cody Hampton, and Quynh Kimball presented new merchandise coming soon to Disney Parks to celebrate all things Star Wars. Many of these items were shown for the very first time at this panel and were well received by the crowd. This is definitely where the magic begins as the partnership with Lucas Film means fans will be excited for the new merchandise because even more is coming now than has been able to happen before the partnership.

Before we get to the exclusive merchandise available at Star Wars Weekends, here are the items revealed at the panel.

Star Wars merchandise revealed at the panel:

  • Limited edition two pack of Pluto as R2-D2 and Minnie Mouse as Princess Leia hologram action figures
  • Stormtrooper baseball
  • R2-D2 and C3PO baseball
  • Donald Duck as Darth Maul
  • Wonderground Art Collection by Scott Campbell: The Force Within, The Rebel Within, The Leader Within
  • Exclusive artwork

Ewoks Rule the Plush Galaxy

If you are a fan of the Ewoks then you will be excited to know there are six new stuffed animals arriving. Chief Chirpa plush is an all new design and the very first time Chief Chirpa was done in a plush. Wicket plush was released during Star Wars Celebration. Teebo plush will be released on May 4th at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Logray plush will be released during Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World. Princess Kneesaa plush will be released at Anaheim Convention Center during D23 in August. Romba plush will be released December 18th to commemorate The Force Awakens.

Droid Factory

Droid Factory is overhauled. When it opened in 2012 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Tatooine Traders they eventually rolled it out to other places. The current combinations of 70 pieces will have even more options available to make your own custom droid. for thousands of possibilities In addition to Goldie from the Clone Wars and Mace Windu’s droid from the Clone Wars, more colors and shapes, be on the lookout for Oswald ears, Sombrero, an Imperial Officer hat, and more colors and shapes to choose from.

Star Wars Weekends at Disneyland

When an audience member shouted out “What about Disneyland?” during the panel the entire audience burst out in applause. Brad Schoenberg replied “We would love that too.”

Exclusive Merchandise for Star Wars Weekends

Star Wars Weekends are May 15 to June 14, 2015 for five consecutive weekends in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. This is the second year they are having a John Williams fireworks spectacular at the end of the evening and a return of character dining that was very popular last year. There is a larger venue for the shows and a new Rebels show plus many of the celebrities are making appearances.

Darth’s Mall

Brad continues on saying “We’ve really outgrown everything we’ve had for our merchandise locations so this year it truly is a mall.” There is so much merchandise available at Star Wars Weekends they made Darth’s Mall available along with Watto’s Grotto and X-Wing Collectibles.

Galactic Gatherings

May 14th is Galactic Gatherings premium pre-event with items available to these attendees only from 10 am to 3 pm at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is the place to be for a true Star Wars fans. Tickets are still available.

  • Green lightsaber or red lightsaber Magic Band
  • Han Solo in carbonite popcorn bucket
  • Jedi Mickey pin
  • Special lanyard for all five weekends giving expedited access to the mall.
  • Galactic Gathering Event Name Tag with choice of Rebel or Imperial symbol
  • Premiere of Pete as Jango Fett action figure limited to 200o pieces
  • Episode IV, V, VI z-fold pins limited to 3900 pins

Whether you have you name printed in Aurebesh on this year’s name tag, pick up the premiere of Pete as Jango Fett, or pick up one of the six trifold pins Star Wars Weekends is going to be a fun in 2015 as fans eagerly await the much anticipated The Force Awakens movie.

Premiere at Galactic Gatherings – Mystery Pin Collection

A mystery box holds two randomly selected pins of the 17 pins available. R2-D2, R5-D4, FX-7, IG-88, Seeker Droid, 8D8, Pit Droid, Ace are ones we have already seen. The remaining ones are truly a mystery right now. These debut at Galactic Gatherings and are limited.

Items previously released on Disney Parks Blog

  • Dooney and Burke collection with a wristlette and a tote.
  • Four sculpted and hinged jumbo pins with a mini print.
  • Limited Edition Magic Bands with Jedi Mickey and Donald as Mace Windu
  • Adding to craziness of collecting Star Wars Vinlymation are five new figures. Tie Fighter, Porkins, Princess Leia, Jabba, Death Star, Biggs Darklighter. They are revealed over different weekends.
  • D-Tech Me returns as a way to turn yourself into a figurine of either a Tie Fighter Pilot or Jedi along with designs from previous years. Times are limited so be sure to schedule your time to immortalize yourself.

Sneak Peek of items for Star Wars Weekends

    • Items debuted at the panel were three new shirt designs. One is black with Star Wars Weekends written sideways on the right side while the same design is duplicated on a white sleeveless shirt. Also revealed is a black shirt with Jedi Mickey, Jedi Donald, and Jedi Goofy standing in front of the Hollywood Studios Mickey Ears water tower.
    • Classic Mickey fans will enjoy the new zip fleece in either black or gray featuring Star Wars logo on the front and Jedi Mickey on the back.
    • Darth Vader’s hand holds a mini globe and a new Jedi Mickey tumbler
    • Three new character mashup figurines are Daisy as Aurra Sing and Stitch as General Grievous. Also included are Donald’s nephews Huey, Louie, and Dewey as a Jawas. There is also Goofy as Chewbacca. Limited to 1977 and comes with a collectible pin in the base.


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