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Fastball Movie Review

396 milliseconds with batter Andrew McCutchen

The debate over who threw the fastest fastball in the history of baseball is the entire focus of this documentary in the movie Fastball.

Baseball history buffs will love seeing the debate and the science behind seeing who holds the record for the fastest fastball in the history of baseball. If you have ever wondered if a fastball rises as it approaches the plate, the definitive answer is declared.

You don’t have to be a die hard baseball fan to enjoy this documentary showcasing the best of baseball. If anything, your love for the game grows when you hear players frankly discussing their time in the major leagues as you see the jaw dropping speed very few men have achieved.

Fastball Movie Hall of Famers George Brett, Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, Al Kaline and Tony Gwynn

Baseball fans focused on learning more about the game will enjoy hearing from Hall of Fame pitchers and baseball legends from both the viewpoint of the pitcher and the batter:

  • Rich “Goose” Gossage
  • Brandon Phillips
  • Nolan Ryan
  • Derek Jeter
  • Wade Boggs
  • Hank Aaron
  • Eddie Murray
  • Doug Harvey
  • Wade Boggs
  • Justin Verlander
  • Nolan Ryan
  • David Price
  • Sandy Koufax
  • Aroldis Chapman
  • George Brett

Walter Johnson – The Big Train

Learn how the legend of the big train was born when the earliest known measurement of a fastball occurred in 1912. The first measurements were made at Remington Armory on their ballistics range. Walter Johnson was the first person to have their fast ball measured scientifically and it measured at 122 feet per second, which relates to 83.2 mph. The Big Train was then crowned the fastest pitcher of all time, but did he retain the title?

Andrew McCutchen in Fastball

Bob Gibson – Hoot

A hard hitting pitcher many were afraid of because he actually hit a few guys. Goose quoted Hoot as saying “Half of that plate is mine. Now you have to figure out which half I’m after.” The funny reality is he wore glasses and he didn’t wear them in the pitcher’s mound so he squinted to try to see what the catcher’s signs were. It ended up intimidating other players.  In 1968 he pitched a tremendous season and had 13 complete game shut outs. His 17 strike outs made the world record for the most amount in one game.

Cuba was off limits for recruiting but one kid named Aroldis Chapman received quite a bit of attention and ended up throwing a 105.1 mph pitch in a major leagues game.

Steve Dalkowski in Fastball Movie

Steve Dalkowski – The Fastest That Never Was

Dalkowski was on the 1963 rookie stars baseball card and was a legend. No one has found any footage of him pitching but those who saw him do it said it was fast. He had a hard time pitching it directly over the plate and walked many players. He finally made it to the majors but an injury took his ability and he went back to the minors.

Craig Kimbrel in Fastball

“Nobody is going to give me anything. I need to work for it.”
– Craig Kimbrel #46 – The Closer

Nolan Ryan did 159 pitches and his recorded speed was at 100.9 in the 9th inning. In his 27th season at age 46 he injured his elbow and ended his career. His last fastball was clocked at 98 mph.

Justin Verlander in Fastball Movie

Who threw the fastest fast ball ever?

Since measurements were taken from various methods over the history of baseball, science and math factors came into play in order to declare who had the fastest fastball of all time. The magic number is 108.5 but who holds the title? Watch Fastball to find out.

Sandy Koufax in Fastball

Parental Advisory: (SPOILER ALERT)

This documentary is a family friendly movie with an occasional swear word, with one appearing in subtitles. It is baseball, after all.

Fastball is not rated.

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[quote]With Kevin Costner narrating, lead a cast of baseball legends and scientists who explore the magic within the 396 milliseconds it takes a fastball to reach home plate, and decipher who threw the fastest pitch ever.[/quote]

  • Release Date: March 25, 2016
  • Running Time: 85 minutes
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Narrator: Kevin Costner
  • Writer & Director: Jonathan Hock
  • Producer: Major League Baseball

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