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First Ride at Magic Kingdom: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is first ride at Magic Kingdom

You always remember your very first ride at Magic Kingdom. Ours was the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train but it was an experience a little different than most.

During Disney Social Media Moms we were given a very unique opportunity to go into Magic Kingdom before it opened to the public. We were bused into what we can guess is the center of the park and escorted through the Cast Members Only Entrance to walk straight into New Fantasyland.

Not only was this our first time riding the Mine Train, it was also our very first steps inside Magic Kingdom. Instead of walking in the front gates, seeing the train, and then the castle we were dropped into the middle of the park that was deserted.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Walt Disney World is a place filled with laughter, screams, conversations, and music yet it was eerily quiet before the park opened as Cast Members led us through the park to our ride.

Seeing Magic Kingdom for the first time without the carousel turning or families scattered everywhere was definitely one of those memories we will have forever.

Riding the Mine Train before the park opened was a different experience than most families will ever get to enjoy. Each cart was fitted with a ride mount camera.

Not only did we get to scream our heads off on the ride before Magic Kingdom opened, the Disney Parks team recorded on video our reaction to our very first time riding it. It felt like we were in a Disney commercial.

Be sure to check out our video below of our true reactions to riding the Mine Train for the first time.

Although I am very biased now, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is my favorite ride at Magic Kingdom. We even rode it again at night to see how different it was compared to daylight.

From hearing the seven dwarfs singing to the beautifully brilliant gems that glow, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a must ride especially for those who love Snow White and the classic Disney stories.

It was not until the ride was almost over that we realized it was nothing like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We were riding in an actual mine cart that swung from side to side but did not recognize the motion until the very end.

Although most people will not have an opportunity like we did, when you ride the Mine Train and purchase the Disney Photo Pass a little video is automatically included. Take a look at what that video looks like below.

Hi Ho. Hi Ho. It’s off to work we go.

Be sure to add the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to your must have rides to do when visiting Magic Kingdom for the very first time.

Our family was invited to the 2015 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration where I paid a conference fee to attend. Our family received discounted and complimentary items from Walt Disney World and sponsors as part of the conference but were not asked to write about our experiences. All opinions, experiences, and love for Disney are entirely our own.

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