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Fit Made Fun Party

LeapBand gets kids active

Let’s face it. Fitness is either your thing that makes the world go round or it is something you despise. Unfortunately your views are often taken over by your children and if you do not like to exercise, chances are good your child won’t either. Now LeapFrog introduced a brand new device to get kids up and moving in a fun new way with LeapBand. The boys were super excited to open the box of goodies sent to us for the party.

Fit Made Fun LeapFrog Activity Book

Fit Made Fun Day

September 6, 2014 was declared Fit Made Fun Day and LeapFrog gathered in Santa Monica, California setting three Guinness World Records while we had our own celebration with friends at a local park.

Goodie bags with CLIF Kid Bars and other prizes

Since it is still in triple degree digits here in Arizona we waited until the late afternoon to have our outdoor party. The kids had fun doing the snorkel dance, making grass angels, and following the leader. Each child received a Fit Made Fun Day certificate and a goodie bag we put together with a medal on it. Their favorite game to play was frogs on the lily pad.

Fit Made Fun with LeapBand and CLIF Kid

LeapBand Records Activity Level

Using the LeapBand for the activities meant taking turns sharing a fun watch to record their activity level and powering their pet with active play.

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After all the fun activities sweating and moving, we went for a swim to cool off, while still getting in more activity time too. That was cut short by a Monsoon storm that rolled in and covered us with dust as we ran to take cover. All the giggles and fun meant the kids were ready for our snack of CLIF Kid bars.

Parfait Station for Kids

CLIF Kid Bar Parfait Station

None of the children at our party had tasted CLIF Kid bars before, except for a little sampling right before hand. The treats seemed like a great time to create a parfait station with crumbled CLIF Kid bars on top of vanilla yogurt. The kids chose from Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate, and Peanut Butter Chocolate. Fruit for toppings with banana and grapes finished it off and made a healthy snack.

Clif Kid Bars in Chocolate Chip Mint Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chocolate

Each family went home with the Fit Made Fun CLIF Kid’s 60 Minutes of Motion Cards and coloring pages with the animals from LeapBand. You can print your own activity sheets at home with the online party planning tools.

LeapBand animal characters coloring pages

Even after all the fun and activity, the kids still wanted to play with the LeapBand and have every day since we received them. A full review of LeapBand will be posted soon.

Products were provided in order to host the LeapFrog and CLIF Kid #FitMadeFun party.

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