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ForceForDaniel Fulfills Daniel’s Last Wish


Some people leave a place in your heart even though you have never met them. That was Daniel Fleetwood and the #ForceForDaniel social media impact that affected so many lives.

Daniel Fleetwood was a Star Wars fan from age eight and it is only through social media that we heard about Daniel’s life and his last wish.

#ForceForDaniel was a trending hashtag on Twitter and even brought tweets from John Boyega and Mark Hamill in their support of allowing Daniel’s last wish of seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens before it was released on December 18th because his failing health would not allow him to make it to the premiere.

Lucasfilm and Disney fulfilled his wish, allowing Daniel to see the movie in his house. A personal phone call from JJ Abrams meant so much for the Star Wars fans worldwide to see the intense love of Star Wars given to a man who ultimately had his dying wish fulfilled. A few days after he watched the movie, Daniel was inducted into the 501st Legion as an honorary member by the Star Garrison.  

Daniel died today.

Reading the announcement on Facebook from his wife, Ashley, brought me to tears for a man I’ve never known. Grateful tears for a community of Star Wars fans who rallied to fulfill his last wish.

You were a tremendous force in granting Daniel’s last wish by using #ForceForDaniel. Please join us as we continue Daniel’s legacy and support his wife to show what Star Wars fans do.

If you would like to help Ashley Fleetwood, Daniel’s wife, please visit her Go Fund Me page and help with his medical bills. As of this writing they are at $44,525 of the $100,000 goal.

May the Force Be with you, always. #ForceForDaniel

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