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Four Amazing Women to Watch

Maria Bailey, CEO of BSM Media taken at SheStreams 2012

Four of the most amazing women you need to watch!

Maria Bailey, CEO of BSM Media

Maria started SheStreams and wrote the book about Power Moms, literally. I attend her Twitter parties, watch her videos, and she is the reason why wrapping paper are two important words in our house.

Within five minutes of walking into SheStreams, I saw Maria and introduced myself to her. She is warm and welcoming from the start, even if it took me two days to get the nerve to ask to take my picture with her. Of course she said yes.

She owns so many businesses, has amassed quite a collection of url’s, needs to run every morning, and taught me about the fun alligators and boys have in Florida.

I am not a power mom, but I plan to purchase my own copy of Power Moms soon! They are an amazing group of women I have much to learn from.

Maria also started National Mom’s Nite Out and I started a local event. Join me locally in Arizona or an event in your area.

Join Maria on Twitter at @MomTalkRadio!

Jennifer Labit Owner of Cotton Babies taken at SheStreams 2012

Jennifer Labit, CEO of Cotton Babies, Inc.

I have to admit I was a little biased going into the conference as I was strictly a disposable diaper kind of mom when my two boys were little. Jennifer impressed me with her knowledge and opinions of social responsibility.

She definitely is a power mom who started her business with just $100.

She may not have ever intended to change the hearts of moms like mine, but she did. How many families had to choose between diapers or food. There was a time in my life that we did and her story touched my heart.

She is also an amazing mom to bring her family to SheStreams and have them IN the session when she was the keynote speaker. I had no idea her three little ones were there until she introduced them. Later her little cutie pies were ones selecting brownies with sprinkles at lunch and I missed my boys even more because they would have chosen the exact same items!

Jennifer Labit is making a difference in the lives of moms everywhere. Especially this mom. If I have any more babies, I would like to try Cotton Babies.

Join Jennifer on Twitter at @JenniferLabit.

Teresa Kroll Chief Marketing and Entertainment Bear at Build A Bear Workshop taken at SheStreams 2012

Teresa Kroll, Chief Marketing and Entertainment Bear at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Teresa started with Build-A-Bear by volunteering to just help her dear friend, Maxine Clark, on a very busy grand opening day. About two weeks later one special guest requested her to help stuff another friend. You can hear more about her story in my video.

Teresa really started me thinking about my brand. I never thought I had one before, but I learned that your brand says something, whether you want it to or not. What is it that your brand wants to say?

This year Build-A-Bear is celebrating 100 million friends made. Our family has personally made a good dent in that number and locally we are known at one particular store. If you do not have your own bear, go make one for yourself today or to give away.

Join Teresa on Twitter at @BuildABear.

Elisa All Founder of 30 Second Mom taken at SheStreams 2012

Elisa All, CEO of 30 Second Mom

Did you know the average mom spends over six hours a day on her phone? Elisa is embracing that and created 30 Second Mom to learn great tips that only take 30 seconds. She has a team of moms who share via text or video great tips for you. Subscribe to the moms you want to follow with one easy click.

Every Wednesday they have a Twitter party around the hashtag #30secondmom and talk about one topic. Since I just learned about this amazing company at SheStreams, last Wednesday was my first time attending their Twitter party and topic was Easter. It goes by fast, tons of fun, and there might even be a prize or two. So take an hour and visit all the fun. If you have never been to a Twitter party before, this is a great one to start with.

I did not get a chance to personally meet Elisa and it was such a missed opportunity. Next time for sure!

Join Elisa on Twitter at @ElisaTalk.

These four women certainly have much to offer and I am so honored to have heard them speak at SheStreams 2012!

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