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How to Organize Facebook Pages

How to Organize Facebook Pages

Facebook is not necessarily my favorite social media site to use, partially because there is just so much going on and their algorithms change all the time. Organize Facebook pages by making interest lists make life easier for me and is a way I can still manage what is going on.

On Friday I received the magical invite to Disney Social Media Moms and will be attending for the second time. In order to keep up with everyone’s Facebook pages I created an interest list and added the Facebook pages of the attendees. As of this writing, more are still being added but when I shared the list, someone asked how I did it.

If you want to follow the Facebook pages of the Disney Social Media Moms 2015 Attendees, follow my public Facebook page list called DisneySMMC 2015 Blogs.

How to Create Interest Lists on Facebook

How to Organize Facebook Pages by Creating Interest Lists:

  1. Click on the Facebook logo in the upper left corner. You will see your name and lists of groups you may be a part of. Scroll down.
  2. Find the word “Interests” and click on “More” to open it up.
  3. The middle column shows all your current interest lists. In the right corner of this column, click “Add Interests” to make a new one.
  4. Choose to follow interest lists or create your own. You can search for new lists or just scroll down to see what others have created. Choose “Create List” to make your own.
  5. In the pop up box select people or pages to add to your list. For mine, I chose Facebook pages on the left side.
  6. Use the search bar in the pop up box to search for the Facebook pages you want to add. Click on the page. Click next.
  7. Name your list and choose who can see it. Lists can be public, made only so friends can see it, or choose to have it completely private.
  8. Curate your list and have fun.

Once you have done the steps above, to access your list simply click on the Facebook logo in the upper left corner and scroll down until you see your list. I move my frequently accessed lists up to the top for easy access.

Organize Facebook Pages by creating interest lists helps take your Facebook feed back and puts it in a way that makes sense, no matter what new algorithm Facebook uses.

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