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Make Your Own Forky From Toy Story 4

Make your own Forky from Toy Story 4 with our easy DIY tutorial.

How to make Forky from Toy Story 4

Forky is the newest character in Toy Story 4, made by Bonnie, and he is introduced by Woody to all the other friends we have seen in previous Toy Story movies.

Forky is Bonnie’s best friend, especially since she made him. After watching the trailer we wanted to know why Bonnie fell in love with Forky and what he does to cause Woody and the gang to go chasing after him. After seeing the advanced media screening last night we can say Forky is pretty funny and awesome.

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Of course everyone needs their own Forky. You can make one just like Bonnie did or you can make your own version. Our family sat down a few days ago to make our own just like Bonnie did. Since then we have made some of our own creations. They could be Forky’s long distant cousin once removed. Every time we leave the house and come home it seems like a new one has joined the family. Our dining room table is covered in Forky creations.

Below is a list of all the supplies we used and the step by step directions on how to DIY your own Forky creation. If you click the pictures below you can buy all the supplies in one spot, making it simple to get your craft on.

Make Your Own Forky Toy Story 4 Craft Supplies

How to Make Your Own Forky


  • White spork
  • Red pipe cleaner
  • Jumbo craft stick
  • Play-Doh: red, white, and blue
  • Glue
  • Silver glitter puffy paint
  • 10 mm round googly eye
  • 6 mm round googly eye
  • Washable Crayola markers: teal, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red
  • Scissors

Write your name on Forky's feet


  1. Take your spork and turn it around so you see the back of the spork.
  2. Use one red pipe cleaner and place it behind the spork. Wrap each side around the front and give it a twist to help hold it in place.
  3. Start forming the fingers. There are three on each hand and if you start at the end and work backward that might be easiest. Make sure the joints are pinched together to make the fingers form closely.
  4. Using glue, attach the eyes. The larger eye is on the left side when you are looking at him. The smaller eye is on the right side.
  5. Take a pinch of red Play-Doh and roll it out to create a small eyebrow. Form it above his eyes and drape it down on the right side.
  6. Take a pinch of blue Play-Doh and do the same as the eyebrow, creating a longer piece. Fold it around so the ends meet, making a circle and form it into a smile.
  7. Take the jumbo craft stick and break it in half like Bonnie does. We ended up with quite a bit of shards so we opted to use scissors to cut the craft sticks. These two pieces form the feet. You will not need the entire craft stick, just the ends. If you are having a child do this part be sure to supervise them using scissors or have an adult do that part.
  8. Write your name on the bottom of the craft sticks using the teal Crayola marker. This color seemed to be the closest match. If you want to do it like Bonnie did, split your name and write half on one side and half on the other side.
  9. Flip the craft sticks over and add a rainbow to his left foot but when he is facing you it is on his right side. Confused yet? You can use a rainbow sticker like Bonnie did but we could not find one so we improvised and used Crayola markers. Make sure to use washable ones for younger children. Use the blue on the outside first, then green, then yellow, then orange, then red on the inside.
  10. Take a good size portion of white Play-Doh and make a ball then smash it onto the popsicle stick turned into feet. Form it into a volcano shape and you are nearly done.
  11. Put the spork into the white Play-Doh and form it around to secure it.
  12. Lay it down and randomly add silver glitter puffy paint up and down the handle then add three good size dots.
  13. Tada! You created your very own Forky!

If you prefer, you can watch our DIY Forky Tutorial below.


  • When creating Forky we did not glue the eyebrow or mouth but once the Play-Doh was dry we went back to glue them on as they do not stay on after drying. If the Play-Doh does not stick to the craft stick then glue those too. Only one of ours needed to have the spork glued into the Play-Doh.
  • Be sure to use a light blue Play-Doh not the dark blue for his mouth.
  • Self-adhesive eyes can be used instead of gluing them on. We used eyes we already had which needed to be glued.
  • It takes about 24 hours for the Play-Doh to be completely dry.
  • After watching the media screening we noticed Forky had a little bit of pink on each cheek and he also had silver glitter around his eyes. You can put that on before you add his eyes or after.
  • You can do the steps in any order you want. The order above seemed the easiest for us.

Family of Forky creations from Toy Story 4

Forky is a fun creation to make a play with and perfect for a Disney party craft. We hope you enjoyed our tutorial of how to make your own Forky.

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