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Merlin’s Apprentice Ride

This is a sponsored post on behalf of LEGOLAND Discovery Center Arizona.

Merlin's Apprentice Ride at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Arizona

Arizona does not have an outdoor amusement park due to the high summer temperatures but the Merlin’s Apprentice ride is always cool inside LEGOLAND Discovery Center Arizona.

Merlin’s Apprentice ride is just one of two rides located inside the indoor amusement park in Tempe, Arizona.

Merlin is working on a spell in his potion room as he stands over the area. As the music plays and the lights change color, the ride goes faster and as high as you can pedal, giving you a very different view over the rest of the play center. Strobelights also add to a very different feel.

Merlin's Library

Children who meet the height requirement and adults can both ride this one together. During the entire ride you pedal to make your carriage go as high as you can go. If you are not able to make it up to the top, toward the end of the ride everyone is raised to the top.

Each rider has Merlin’s magical hat above their heads in either blue or green and a LEGO scroll in front of them. Only Merlin knows the magical words on the scrolls.

Merlin's LEGO scrolls on the ride

Know Before You Go

Although not mentioned on ride description on their website, there is a height requirement for riding this attraction. As you enter the line que, there is a column on the left with measurements.

The minimum height required to ride is 40 inches and you must be accompanied with an adult. The minimum height required to ride alone is 51 inches. Be sure to check your child’s height before entering the line as the staff member checks each child’s height before allowing them to go on the ride.

Merlin's Magic

Although the ride may seem slow from the line down below when you are on the ride it moves much faster than it looks, much to the delight of children.

The line can take quite awhile to wait in because it is a very slow loading ride. Only 12 riders are allowed at one time. The ride operator checks the height for each child and after all riders¬†are seated with seatbelts on, then they begin to verify each rider is buckled in properly. Once the ride is over, the ride operator has to manually unlock each rider’s seat. Children will agree the wait is definitely worth it.

Not sure about what to expect at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Arizona? Take a look at our videos from the ribbon cutting ceremony and media event inside Arizona’s indoor playground immediately following the festivities.

To join in on the fun simply visit LEGOLAND Discovery Center Arizona, located at 5000 S. Arizona Mills Circle, Suite 135, Tempe, Arizona 85282.


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