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MessageHub App Puts Social Together

MessageHub App combines social media platforms

Keeping up with so many social networks is a problem, especially trying to find messages from your favorite people. The MessageHub App is a new app that puts your social networks together combining email, texts, and chat messages all in one place and they asked us to share this information with you.

MessageHub supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Outlook on all devices. SMS is supported only on Android.

To get started with MessageHub, log in with Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn then create an account by providing your birth date, gender, zip code, and email address.

Once your account is created just add the social media accounts you would like to use. Add them all at one time or just start with one to see how it works. The first account we tried was our address book. Then we added Twitter and Facebook. You do need to sign in on the platforms with your username and password in order to link the accounts. By adding just these three we were able to see our friends’ posts, tweets, and emails all in one place.

Share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn  MessageHub Conversations

There are two main streams on the app, everyone and conversations. Everyone showed the Twitter feed which certainly an easy way to retweet someone or reply directly back to them from within the app and have it appear on Twitter without having to open the Twitter app. You will see your entire stream of everyone you follow as you cannot just import one or all of your Twitter lists to view.

Conversations allows for customization by adding your favorite people to follow. Simply press the plus sign in the upper right corner and search by name or scroll up to find the ones you are looking for. Tap on a name and they are added to the Conversations stream. Customized groups can be added also from this screen. Reply back to people directly from within the app.

The more social networks connected, the easier is it to have conversations and share with family and friends all in one place. Instead of spending time hoping around from app to app it is all organized in one place for easy access at your fingertips.

The MessageHub app is free for both iOS and Android.

MessageHub App | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | YouTube | Instagram | #MessageHubApp

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of MessageHub. The opinions and text are all mine.


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