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MomTV Online Network Shares Videos for Mom

MomTV is a place to share and watch videos for mom that Maria Bailey calls a YouTube for moms

Videos for mom, made by moms just like you are always fun to watch but finding them all in one place has been difficult. The new MomTV is an online TV Network for moms that combines live shows, live events, webisodes, video product reviews, and video content.

MomTV features videos for mom that are relevant, fun, and entertaining.

One of my favorite features are the live shows on MomTV. While most of the shows feature women, there are a few men who host a live show too.

Last week Sean Roach, a national TV personality and children’s educator, shared about his new ipad app called Sean Draws: Things That Fly. My boys attended the show online with me and were thrilled when Sean took requests from the audience to watch him draw. My boys are huge dinosaur fans and it was incredible to watch Sean draw their favorite, the T-Rex.

While watching the live shows are incredibly fun, they are also usually recorded. If you did not get a chance to see Sean live, you can watch the recording on video.

MomTV shares videos for mom and a live show login screen with Watchitoo

Reasons to watch a live show on MomTV:

  • You can log in easily with Facebook, Twitter, or as a guest.
  • A small community of moms come together around a central topic.
  • Experts and moms, just like you, are available just for you.
  • The speaker(s) can see the live chat and answer your questions directly.
  • A wide variety of topics are covered.
  • Prizes.

You did catch that last part. Right?

Some of the live parties have giveaways. If you have never attended a Twitter party because they seem a little complicated, then the live party with giveaways would be fun for you. Here’s a tip for you: when Maria Bailey is the hostess she gives away amazing prizes.

If you are a blogger who makes videos for mom to educate or entertain, you can easily import your videos from YouTube and provide a new way of promoting your own material. It takes less than a minute to add your content and it is a fun day when your video is a featured video on MomTV. Trust me. A few of mine have been featured!

Best of MomTV featured videos for mom by Wendy Wright

What are you waiting for? Go set up your own MomTV channel today and check out the calender to see what fits in your schedule for the next live show.

MomTV is on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

This is a blogger campaign for MomTV, a brand I already love and use. All opinions are my own. Screenshots from #MomTV. Used with permission.

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2 thoughts on “MomTV Online Network Shares Videos for Mom

  • February 18, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    This is totally amazing! It’s nice that such communities exist – everyone could use support now and again – and especially mothers!

    • February 19, 2013 at 11:51 am

      MomTV is definitely a fun place to be, Kayla. Hope you get a chance to join in on a live show soon.


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