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Multiple Devices Use the Turtle Beach Recon 200 Gaming Headset


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One headset multiple devices Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 200

Elevate your game and use one headset for multiple devices without spending a serious amount of money. The Ear Force Recon 200 Amplified Gaming Headset is the latest set of headphones introduced by Turtle Beach. Does this new wired headset live up to the hype? Yes it does. Whether you have an Xbox One, PS4, PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, PC, or a mobile device this one headset works on it all.

As a gaming family, we spend a lot of time playing but there is no playing around when it comes to spending money. We expect two important features for any gaming product. It must help our game play and be a quality product that lasts. The Turtle Beach brand is known for both and is just one reason why we were happy to add another of their headsets to our gaming room.

One headset. Multiples Devices.

Choosing a headset that works with only one platform limits what you can use your headphones for, so why not choose one that is multi-platform compatible? We tried the Recon 200 on our Xbox One, PC, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 5S. Although it is not listed as compatible, we also used it succesfully on our iPad 2. If you are not already aware, on the iPhone 8 Plus and newer models you will need to use the adapter that comes with your iPhone in order to use the headset.

Turtle Beach Recon 200 Headset Game Play

With over 12 hours of play time you could literally use these headphones for more than half your day between your PC, Xbox One, and your mobile device.

These headsets come in either black or white. You can choose which style fits better with your gaming system, the one that matches your gaming room, or the one that matches your outfit. Your choice.

You do not have to be a professional player to appreciate the quality sound and bass that plays in your ears. The bass boost allows you to actually feel the game in your ears.

One advantage of having a wired controller is you do not have to sync anything up or try to use bluetooth. The cord simply plugs into your device and you are ready to play. Getting into the game is faster with a wired headset.

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One common question is will these work on Xbox 360? No. The plug is not compatible with the 360 controller.

The metal headband gives additional strength to the headband, showing they can stand up to heavy use over time. With a teen and tween, this is a powerful feature to help make sure your money is well spent and is on something that will last.

Turtle Beach flip up mic to mute

Turtle Beach Recon 200 Headphones Specifications:

  • Mic flips up to mute
  • 3.5 mm audio connection
  • One headset works on multiple devices: Xbox One, PS 4, PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile devices
  • Wired so no console syncing needed
  • Surround sound
  • Game audio volume is separate from chat audio volume
  • Master volume wheel
  • Microphone volume wheel
  • Highly sensitive microphone
  • All controls located on the back side of the left headphone speaker
  • Switch for choice between Xbox One or PS4 platform
  • 40mm speakers with Neodymium Magnets
  • Over 12 hours of gameplay
  • Synthetic leather headband material with foam cushioning
  • Synthetic leather over-ear cushion with memory foam cushioning
  • Micro USB cord included for easy charging
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Purchase via Amazon or Turtle Beach
  • Release date: September 9, 2018
  • MSRP: $59.95

The microphone is very sensitive to picking up noise. You can hear sounds from others in the house amplified through the speakers. Adjusting the wheel helps so you do not have to shout in order to hear yourself. If you need to, you can always flip the mic up to mute yourself and the other sounds in the house. When gaming on my iPhone this was an important feature as chat was not necessary during that time.

Although this is not gaming related, the entire video below was edited using the headphones both in our house and while my husband was driving. This allowed me to accurately hear everything while everyone else went about with their activities distraction free. They were definitely more comfortable than anything else used to edit videos. Of course they are also great for making sure you are the only one hearing the game play while the rest of the house is quiet. Perfect for late night gaming or just making sure someone else can play their own game without having to hear yours.

As someone who wears glasses, making sure these are comfortable while wearing glasses during gaming is important. They fit extremely well for me and also for our teen; however, for our tween it was not a good combination. This was the only flaw, if any, with this product but that comes down to personal comfort level.

Headset unboxing video and game play

Be sure to check out our video below showing the unboxing of the headset, initial game play, and review.

Turtle Beach | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | #Recon200GameLouder

What’s in the box?

Everyone wants to know what is inside the box.
  • Recon 200 Gaming Headset
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Turtle Beach Sticker

Gaming headset works on multiple devices including Xbox One and PS4

What is our favorite feature?

The best feature of the Recon 200 is the ability to use it across multiple devices. Let’s face it, having a set of headphones for each device becomes a bit to manage and makes it even more difficult to remember which headset goes with which device. This simplifies your life by using it across everything a gamer needs and it is at an affordable price point too.

How do you charge your headphones?

Our headset came ready to play out of the box, fully charged. We played for so long we simply lost track of time how much game play was involved between all of our devices before it needed to be charged for the first time. To charge the headphones, use the included micro USB cord and simply connect it to your own USB charger. From our experience it took less than three hours to go from zero to a full charge.

“Hear Everything. Defeat Everyone.” – Turtle Beach

Whether you want to play on your phone, PC, or your favorite gaming system, you can simply use one gaming headset to make all of that game play a reality. Instead of buying multiple headphones for each platform, just buy one Recon 200 so you can save your hard earned cash for the lastest video games. After all, an awesome set of headphones makes gaming better but more games makes it even more fun to be a gamer.

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