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My Disney Side

Show Your Disney Side Avengers at Halloween Time

Disney is a wonderful love for our family and each time we enter the gates incredible family memories are made, but bringing Disney home is our special way to extend the magic and I am honored Disney asked me to share my Disney Side with you.

Any party can be turned into a Disney party but one key ingredient is essential to a successful party. The food is what my children talk about long after the party has ended.

Mickey ice cream

Food is essential to any great Disney experience.

Think about your visits to Disneyland. When entering the park, the familiar smells of popcorn, churros, and sweet candy aromas fill Main Street. For me, a visit to Disneyland is not complete without the Dole Pineapple Whip. For my children it is Mickey shaped ice cream.

When leaving the park, one of the favorite stops is the Disneyland Candy Palace where treats galore line the glass display cases. Mickey shaped pretzels are a sure choice for our family and each time we try something new.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse chocolate covered marshmallows

At home, Disney video games bring out my Disney Side.

Disneyland and California Adventure are where our inner child come out to play, but at home my inner child comes out to play with video games. The newest video game released by Disney is Disney Infinity so it was only fitting to have a fun Disney party centered around the game. Enjoy watching our video showcasing our Disney Infinity party where even Vanellope stopped by without a glitch.

Disney Infinity scores big with kids and adults

Incorporating the key ingredients of the party theme into the food makes a great Disney party at home.

Disney Infinity has six main worlds to play in and explore besides the toy box mode so creating a food for each world was important. The video game centers around a toy box so each child received a toy box filled with goodies and fun to enjoy at home.

Prize capsules are found throughout the entire game that unlock extra features such as sparks, spins, characters, play pieces, and collectibles. Since the Disney Infinity prize capsules are essential to game play we added these to the party for decoration and also for fun.

Providing party food the children can help create is important for our Disney parties, like the Mickey Snowman cookies we made last year.

The Lone Ranger

When thinking of The Lone Ranger, stars came to mind. Simply make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and add a star cookie cutter to make fun sandwiches for children to eat.


Luigi’s Casa Della Tires was a toy set my boys already owned and the inspiration for a quick and easy food. Take chocolate covered donuts and stack to make the giant tower of tires. Top it off with a checkered flag pick. Extend the fun by having children do a building contest to see who can stack the highest number of tires without falling over.

Monsters University Punch

Monsters University

Whether it is Monster Punch on monster cupcakes, adding edible eyeballs turns ordinary food into monstrously good food. Make cupcakes at home or simply buy store bought cupcakes and take off the frosting. Buy frosting that matches the color of your party, a few sprinkles, and monster eyes give children a place to make their own monster cupcakes. One word of caution though. Monster faces may suddenly emerge from children as they prepare to frost their cupcakes.

The Incredibles

All of The Incredibles wear a mask so we gave each child a mask to bring out their Incredibles Disney Side.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates seek gold coins so chocolate covered gold coins are a natural choice as they easily fit into the prize capsules and the toy box for children to take home from the party to enjoy later.

Toy Story

Buzz, Woody, and Jessie are definitely the characters we think about with Toy Story, but it is the Little Green Men that simply take it to the next level. Creating Little Green Men chocolate covered giant marshmallows rolled in green chocolate and adding monster eyes is so easy a child could do it.

Mickey chocolate outline

No Disney party is complete without Mickey Mouse.

Although the Mickey figurine has not been released for Disney Infinity, we are eagerly awaiting the day when Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey comes home to our family. A Mickey shaped cookie cutter filled with melted chocolate, crushed toffee, and drizzled with chocolate on top makes for a fun and tasty treat that looks like it comes straight from Main Street.

With crackers, a piece of cheese, and mini pepperoni children can create their own Mickey shaped ears to enjoy. Serve as is or place in the oven for a few minutes for the cheese to melt.

As you can see, food is essential to making a Disney party memorable and a fun way to bring out my Disney Side with a video games party with Disney Infinity.

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