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New Entry Welcomes Guests to 50th Celebration at SeaWorld

The new entrance for the 50th celebration at SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld celebrates their 50th anniversary today, March 21st, with a brand new entry way to welcome guests at SeaWorld San Diego. Our family was invited to a special media event last weekend and even though I visited SeaWorld since I was four years old, the new entry into the park is stunning and beautifully represents the interactions and animal encounters we have come to know intimately at one of our family’s favorite destinations.

SeaWorld San Diego salt water pools invite children to interact with animals

A beach theme beckons guests from the parking lot.

First to greet guests is a new ticket counter without any protective glass so interaction can be taken care of with one place for park tickets, experiences, and Dine with Shamu reservations.

The beach continues with a giant wave to welcome guests through the turnstiles.

Just beyond the ticket counter is a giant blue wave to represent the ocean and a gigantic logo marking the 50th celebration of SeaWorld. This is a great place to grab a family picture to mark your support of a company that provides superb care and educational experiences far beyond textbooks.

Ariel view from Sky Tower of SeaWorld San Diego new entrance for 50th celebration

Bright colors and inviting low walls invite children and adults to interact.

After passing through the entry way, only a few steps away is the focal point of the new addition to welcome both adults and children. Saltwater pools with low walls invite interaction from first sight.

Baby shark egg sac at SeaWorld San Diego

Explorer’s Reef™provides up-close encounters with marine life.

Cleaner fish give little kisses and clean your hands while brown-banded bamboo sharks swim close enough to pet a shark. Horseshoe crabs and white-spotted bamboo sharks also provide another encounter. Sacs of shark eggs fill an aquarium and if you look close enough you can see movement inside.

Petting a shark and baby shark eggs on display at SeaWorld San Diego

After the hands on experiences, hand washing stations with automated soap, water, and hand dryers leave guests with clean hands to enjoy the rest of the day.

SeaWorld San Diego store entrance is open and welcoming

Surrounding the four saltwater pools are open air shops, rentals, Starbucks, and the photo department to view your pictures. There is plenty of merchandise to choose from, including a 50th

SeaWorld plants surrounded by sea shells

Great care was taken as the design of the entry way incorporated even the smallest of details. Plants are added to give the under sea effect and are surrounded by sea shells. Sesame Street Bay of Play can be seen from the entry way because the hedge was lowered, providing an inviting atmosphere.

Fish decorations and 50th anniversary ornament for SeaWorld

Sea of Surprises™ begins March 21, 2014.

Enjoy SeaWorld like never before with Sea of Surprises. The 18-month celebration includes the SeaWorld “Surprise Squad” treating guests with prizes every day. You never know what surprise might greet a lucky fan of the day.

Touch horseshoe crabs and white spotted bamboo sharks at SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego is a place where dreams, entertainment, and education combine into one magically filled day that lasts a lifetime. The breathtakingly beautiful new entrance provides a place that just begs for children to stop and enjoy. If this doesn’t bring out the kid in you, I don’t know what will.

Congratulations SeaWorld on 50 years and we are so thankful to be a part of your 50th celebration!

Family photo with Shamu for Plugged In Family

For more information and continuing news about the 50th Celebration at SeaWorld and the Sea of Surprises connect with SeaWorld San Diego on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook or with #50thCelebration and #ExplorersReef.

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