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On Tour with The Needhams | Behind the Scenes

The Needhams are a professional singing family who tour the United States sharing the beauty of their music through live performances. Go behind the scenes with us as we share what it is like to go on tour with them for three of their 12 concerts on their Spring tour of the West Coast. Our Chief Nerd ICON literally grew up with Dave and Diane Needham and they have become family to the rest of our family. Dave and Diane are also joined by Diane’s husband, Steve Mummert.

Dave plays the bass and is the owner of The Needhams. Diane Needham Mummert plays the Mandloin and Steve Mummert plays the drums. On this tour he is playing the cajon, a small box he beats with his foot and hands. Both Dave and Diane write their own original songs they sing across our country on their tours.

Be sure to check them out at and also their YouTube channel where you can see a video of them singing “It Is Well” on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

All music provided by The Needhams, both live in concert and from their newest CD called My Burden Bearer. Thank you to The Needhams for graciously allowing us to use their music in this video..

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