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Pan Pizza Baked In Your Own Oven from Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy's Pan Pizza baked fresh at home

On a Friday night our favorite thing to do is to grab a slice of pizza and watch a movie together or play video games. After a busy week the last thing we want to worry about is spending time in the kitchen making a meal so pizza is an easy choice for us. The boys were excited when they learned Papa Murphy’s Fresh Pan Pizza is new and we were asked to share our thoughts about it.

Parking sign at Papa Murphys and watching pizza being made to order

One thing you need to know about pizza. You either are a fan of thin crust or a fan of pan pizza. In our house, pan is the favorite crust, hands down. We already loved Papa Murphy’s pizza and made a point to eat their Jack-O-Lantern pizza every Halloween, but we knew there was something missing. Not anymore.

Papa Murphys Pizza offers salads and desserts

Adding fresh pan pizza to Papa Murphy’s menu is one of the smartest moves for pan loving families like ours.

The crust is just the right amount of thickness yet still tastes light and flaky. You would never know you baked in in your own oven.

Papa Murphy's Pan Pizza ready to take home

Seven things you need to know about Papa Murphy’s Pan Pizza.

  1. The pizza is made fresh right in front of you. For little kids it is so fun to see the food being made.
  2. If you have food allergies, watching the ingredients placed on your pizza ensures that it is safe to eat.
  3. Pick up the pizza at any point and place it in your fridge at home. When you are ready to eat just put it in the oven.
  4. Cook it right in your own oven so it comes out hot and ready to eat. They say love at 425º and we have to agree.  Cooking time varies by oven but ours was ready at 16 minutes and that included opening the door to snap a photo.
  5. While cooking you do have to rotate it and watch to see if the crust bubbles up.
  6. The directions say once the pizza is cooked to pull it out of the pan, cut it, then serve. We used our pizza pan tray to place the pizza on after it was done cooking.
  7. Since Papa Murphy’s are located across the nation there might be one near you. This is a great option when you travel and your hotel room has an oven. For a large one-topping pan pizza at just $9 plus tax, this makes it an affordable way to feed your family on the go.

Hot from the oven is love baked at 425 with Papa Murphy's Pan Pizza

Papa Murphy’s Take ‘n’ Bake Pizza is made fresh and our family loves the addition of the pan pizza. Now go and try a slice.

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Papa Murphy's pan pizza with pepperoni

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