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Path of the Jedi | Star Wars Rebels Episode 8

Ezra cannot believe his eye in Path of the Jedi Star Wars Rebels

Path of the Jedi | Star Wars Rebels Episode 8 | January 5, 2015

Star Wars Rebels continues to amaze me with how they integrate other Star Wars story lines into the Rebels series.

Kanan fights the Inquisitor

This week marked the star of the second half of the first season. Kanan and Ezra continue with Ezra’s Jedi training. Kanan is deeply concerned with Ezra’s commitment to being a Jedi as well as use of the force due to anger and fear in Gathering Forces.

Kanan feels it is time to continue Ezra’s lesson. Kanan begins the testing by having Ezra find a Jedi Temple. Ezra discovers there is a Jedi Temple on Lothal.

Kanan kneels

Kanan must wait at the entrance while Ezra enters deep into the temple for testing. Part of the testing for the Jedi to “Face your worst fears and overcome them.”

While in the temple, Ezra faces the Inquisitor and then finds himself on the Ghost. Ezra admits his fears of being alone and failing his Jedi Master.

Yoda provides guidance and assurance to the master and the padawan.

Kanan faces the fear of failing as a master. Kanan admits that he lost his way and gave up on the force, but is now committed to helping Ezra find his way.

Ezra uses the Force in Path of the Jedi

Ezra desires to become a Jedi so he can feel alive. He has learned from Kanan and the others the importance of looking out for others and not just one’s self.

Yoda provided Ezra with a kyber crystal. You need to see the show to see what the kyber crystal is used for.

Before the series even started, my sons and I noticed how much Ezra looks like Aladdin. Many aspects of his backstory are very similar to that of Aladdin’s.

The Inquisitor grabs Ezra's face

Ezra is referred to as “Street Rat.” In this latest episode, Kanan makes a comment reminiscent of Robin Williams’ Genie from the original Aladdin movie. “He can be taught.”

Star Wars Rebels: “Yoda’s Guidance” on Disney Video

We have had C-3PO, R2-D2, Bail Organa and Yoda make appearances. We also had the pilot from the original Star Tours ride make an appearance. I am looking forward to see who shows up in future episodes.

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