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Play on the Sand in Petz Beach

Petz Beach game cover for Nintendo 3Ds by Ubisoft
Go on a beach adventure with your pet in Petz Beach in a new 3DS game from Ubisoft where white sandy beaches and the ocean provide a backdrop for play.

Arrive by train to Petz Beach where you are welcomed into town by the Mayor. After arriving at the train station, you are prompted to name your town. Game play consists of talking to people in the town, completing quests for them, and taking care of your Petz.

The Mayor gives a tour of the town and declares that no new faces have been moving there and villagers have been leaving so you are welcomed with open arms. His goal is for you to grow your town into the greatest Petz village that has ever been so people and Petz come to live there, have adventures, and make friends.

The Adoption Center is where Emma works and where the journey begins. It is time to pick out your Petz and name him or her. Steven is the village veterinarian to help take care of your Petz and his office is in the Adoption Center. Each Petz has four needs: food, water, being clean, and wanting affection. To keep Petz happy and active you must take care of their health. Their actions tell you what needs are high.

The Goods Store is where Sergio sells care items such as food, water, and shampoo. Marta is also found at the Goods Store and sells fun items and toys for your Petz such as bouncy balls, fuzzy toys, bubble wands, and animal figure tokens.Capsule machine dispenses animal figures just outside the Goods Store on the wall that faces the Village Office. To use the machine buy an animal figure token from Marta in the Goods Store. Gabrielle also works at the Goods Store and sells Petz fashion from clothes to collars. Inventory changes regularly based upon the latest fashion trends.

Ashley’s works in the Village Office to decorate the village so it is beautiful for everyone. Jessica works at the Collection House and is the Mayor’s niece. At the train station meet Adam who has pigeons and David who helps you travel to other villages when you are ready to visit a friend’s town.

Petz Beach screenshot with penguin Petz Beach catching a fish

Helping deliver packages and fulfilling quests throughout town is one way to earn rewards of coins or special gifts. Coins are used to buy accessories, village decorations, or other Petz. To earn more coins, find other villagers and ask them for quests. If you get lost the village map helps navigate through the town and find people. The Quest Log, found in the Main Menu, reminds you of what you were asked to do and who asked you to do it.

Petz Network News is narrated by Anna with special cohosts like Max the dog or Olivia the panda bear to keep villagers up to date with recent happenings. This is where new places opened are announced and any upcoming special events.

When the screen is changing or saving, Britannica Kids fun facts pop up with fun facts about animals, plants, and insects so education is incorporated into game play.

Petz Beach costume Petz Beach Goods Store with Marta, Gabrielle, and Sergio

Earn Happy Points by making the villagers happy by completing quests and buying items from the village shops. Reach a certain level of Happy Points and the village will grow and evolve as new items will be available in the shops, new Petz in the Adoption Center, and new skills learned. To check the number of Happy Points, select status from the main menu.

The Storage Box holds items from your inventory with the ability to switch between different storage boxes. Items deleted from your inventory are temporarily stored with the Mayor, as a safeguard in case an item was mistakenly deleted.

When explanations are given the user has a choice of repeating the instructions for clarity or continuing the game. This helps keep the user in control and give extra time if further learning is needed.

Visit the Training Center and speak with Matsugoro to learn new skills for your Petz. The first skill learned is sniffing shells. The bark skill means your dog will be able to find fish and insects. Training continues with learning how to bark for fish. When the fish passes in front of your Petz, press the bark command and the fish jumps right out of the water. Then lift the DS with both hands to catch the fish with the bucket. To bark for insects, find swinging plants or flowers then click on the bark icon. The dog scares the insect out of the bush then with two hands lower the DS to use the net to catch the insect.

Travel to the Insect and Fish Park to meet Dane. They have no insects or fish at the beginning of the game and rely upon villagers to collect the animals. Dane offers a stamp card for visiting and visit gets you one stamp closer to receiving a prize when filled.

Game play takes awhile to go through all the conversations, ask for quests, deliver packages, and talk to people so this is one game that will last for awhile. If your child is a pet lover, they will enjoy playing with their virtual pet through patting the head and taking it for walks on a leash n addition to more than 50 different types of animals in the game. From dogs and cats to dolphins and whales there is something for everyone, especially with an environment that changes with the seasons.

Petz Beach is rated E for everyone, although reading is required since instructions are not verbally given.

Requires Nintendo 2DS or 3DS for game play.

Killer whale animal figure Petz Beach Aquarium

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  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: October 14, 2014
  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS system
  • Category: Pet Simulation and Adventures
  • Rating: E

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