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Print From Your Smartphone with HP Deskjet 3052A Review

Did you know you can print from your smartphone or tablet? Printing from my phone is easy whether it is a coupon, recipe, airline tickets, blogging conference registration pass, or photos.

With a few quick clicks from my smartphone I can print to my home office printer by entering our special email address.

When I am out and about I can take a quick picture, send it to my phone, and it will be waiting for me when I return home.

Pictures are crisp and clear, which is so important to me.

What makes it even better? Imagine having a printer at Grandma’s house. You could send over a picture of your daughter at her ballet recital and send it to Grandma living on the opposite coast even before she takes off her dancing shoes! How cool is that?

I was able to set up the printer all by myself, even with my injured arm from our recent sledding adventure, although my husband did plug it in for me.

Later this month I will be attending my first blogging conference and I am so very excited to go. At the airport after the hugs and kisses I will be sending love from my phone directly to our printer at home. When they return home from the airport my boys will see a message from me. Throughout the conference I can send them little messages or pictures of my first trip to Florida. What an amazing way to stay connected across the miles!

The HP DeskJet 3052A printer is convenient for printing on the go.

Want to see how easy it is? Watch my video!

The HP DeskJet 3052A printer is available for $69 at Walmart and

Thank you to Mom Select and HP for providing this wonderful printer to review. All opinions are my own.

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