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Protect Your Smartphone and Save Your Photographs

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Asurion.
Protect Your Smartphone Photos

When one of our newly rescued cats loved a little too much onto my laptop and had it crashing on the floor, I was in tears when we realized the hard drive was broken beyond repair. It was not all the work I was in the middle of that was lost that caused the tears. It was the photographs. The ones that were unrecoverable. Precious moments and memories captured were lost forever.

Photographs are an essential part of life for me.

Recently I upgraded my smartphone to a better camera and one that includes more memory since the majority of my photos are taken with my phone. It is easy, convenient, and always with me.

Protecting my phone is important. Not only do my boys love to use my phone to take their own pictures and play games, there is one startling fact that is common knowledge in our house. I am a klutz. Did you ever hear about my first sledding adventure in my quest to cross an item off my bucket list? Or what about that curb in the parking lot where I flew like Superman? Yes, those are only just two I have shared with you and I fully expect there will be more in the future. Clearly my phone needs protection.

My phone needs protecting from me.

But what happens if my cell phone  is lost or stolen? Then I would be left in tears once again with my photos gone and memories lost. I just cannot imagine that happening and the heartache it would involve let alone trying to figure out how to contact people. My husband has had three different phone numbers in the last few months and a fun tidbit to learn is that I do not have his memorized.

Did you know almost 1/3 of all robberies in cities like mine are cellphone theft?

Nearly a third of all robberies in major cities is from smartphone theft

Protect your smartphone and protect your investment.

One option to protecting my smartphone I learned about is Asurion’s Mobile Protection. Not only can they protect my phone from breakage or theft, it also covers spills.


Asurion offers mobile protection.

  • Backup contacts, photos, and videos
  • Security with privacy and anti-virus
  • Locating and locking the phone
  • Replacement

For more information, visit Asurion. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Asurion.

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