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Seven Photos to Take When Visiting SEA LIFE Arizona

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7 Pictures You Need to Take at SEA LIFE Arizona

SEA LIFE Arizona may be all about seeing the fish, but there are also plenty of photo opportunities with them also. You may not realize all of them on your very first visit but since we have been regular visitors for almost five years now, these are a few of our most favorite places to take photos.

Seven Photos to Take When Visiting SEA LIFE Arizona

Here is a look back at our family’s favorite photo spots and a few of our favorite photos.

The Entryway

Behind the admission desk is a green screen where you can have your family photo taken for free.  This is the only photo that has any price tag attached to it so you might as well have some fun with it and take a few. Take one where everyone is hopefully smiling. Then see if you can take another one where you look like a giant shark is going to eat you and you are going to scream. As you exit the aquarium you can take a look at your photo to see if you would like to purchase it.

Touchpool at SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium

Interactive Tidepool

This is one area where hands on is expected. While you can try to take a picture of your child while holding their newest friend, it can be a difficult picture to capture effortlessly. Instead, focus on a close up image of their hand with the crab or one of the other rockpool creatures. The simple joys of a child’s small hand is a treasured memory years later when they have grown.


There are three bubbles that allow you the opportunity to go inside and have fish swim around you.

The first one has hundreds of Barred Flagtails swim around you in the Shoaling Ring. This is often called the “Blue Room” in our family because the entire room is piped with music and has a very calming effect with the blue lights.

One time we even captured the lobsters trying to climb over the bubble, which must have been a very surprising view based upon my son’s reaction.

The second one is just after the Bay of Rays and has a completely different experience with it.

The final one is right before you exit, allowing you the opportunity to see coral reef and this is where you can say you actually found Nemo. Kids squeal in delight when they find Marlin and Dory also. There are quite a few Clownfish swimming around.

Porthole view at Bay of Rays at SEA LIFE Arizona

Porthole at Bay of Rays

Bay of Rays has a open air tank where the stingrays can be viewed from anywhere, even up above on a platform.

One of the most unique views is from behind the tank. Most adults do not go back there because the ceiling is very low.

The view from inside the porthole is a really cool way to feel like you are in a submarine. When my boys were younger they liked sitting inside it and just watching the fish swim by.

A bonus photo spot is to have them stay there while you walk outside and take a picture of them.


This often walked by space is small and to your right when walking through the exhibit. It gives your first look at the Ocean View with the giant skeleton in the water. With the dark area surrounding you and the bright lights from the water view, this is an excellent spot to get a sillhoute picture of your children looking at the activity in the water.

Ocean View

Walking on glass suspended over the water with creatures swimming all around, including Ziva, the Green Sea Turtle, sharks, and stingrays is a surreal experience where you are immersed in their world. A picture of your child’s amazement at the huge view ahead of him is definitely one to catch.

Shark Teeth

Gigantic shark teeth are open and just begging to have children and adults stand inside it for a great photo opportunity. This is one picture we take almost every time. Smiles are not needed for this picture, just a screaming face. If little ones are scared, just take a picture of the gigantic open mouth, pictured above.

A bonus picture opportunity is your child taking their photo with their favorite animal at the aquarium. This one may be easy to accomplish or tricky, depending upon which one  is their favorite. This is a question we ask every time we go because their favorite one tends to change.

We hope these seven tips, plus two bonus spots, help you know great photo spots to take pictures of your family during your visit to SEA LIFE Arizona.

SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium is located insited Arizona Mills Mall at 5000 S. Arizona Mills Circle, Suite 145, Tempe, Arizona 85282. You can’t miss the bright blue walls visible from the parking lot.


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