5 Things You Need to Know: Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Premiere

Star Wars Rebels Season Two Premiere 5 Things You Need to Know

The Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Premiere was an unforgettable experience at Star Wars Celebration. Earlier in the day, I had the opportunity to attend the Star Wars Rebels Panels and see the stars of the show as well as see what was coming for Season 2.

While I do not want to give away the story line of the first Episode premiering on June 20, 2015, I do want to share some observations.

5 Things You Need to Know About Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Premiere

Season 2 starts some time after the crew of the Ghost and the Rebels have freed Kanan from Admiral Tarkin and the Inquisitor. The Ghost Crew have been working along with other rebels on supply runs and surgical strikes against the Imperials. Some tension is brewing within the crew as some desire to go back on their own as privateers and others desire to be part of the larger rebellion.

Meanwhile Darth Vader and Agent Kallus are taking a more direct offensive against the people of Lothal as an attempt to catch the Rebels.

What is Star Wars without Ships?

Of course, we still have the Ghost and Phantom ship used throughout Season 1. The Rebel Blockade Runners are still around. If you are not sure what ship I am talking about, this is the very first ship seen in any Star Wars film, right before it is taken over by an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Speaking of Star Destroyers, what Star Wars series would be complete without Imperial Star Destroyers and Tie Fighters. Of course we get to see Darth Vader in action in his own Tie Fighter. I was blown away, as were many rebels.

Another Rebel ship that we see in the first episodes is the A-Wing Fighter. This fighter was sceen in the final battle of Episode VI – Return of the Jedi and does pretty well starting off the second season of Rebels.

The Siege of Lothal with Darth Vader and Kanan

Darth Vader is Back

I need to be honest with you, I was not overly impressed with Episodes I through III of Star Wars. Many will disagree with me and that is your point view. My biggest setback on the Episodes I through III, is that I felt they left Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader) as nothing but a whiney brat who didn’t get his way.

David Filoni and the crew of Star Wars Rebels has brought back the Dark Lord of the Sith I remember from the Comic Books and Episodes IV through VI. Darth Vader is definitely a Force to be reckoned with and brings some intensity to the story line.

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 starts off darker than the previous season

I have continually seen and heard people state that because Disney XD has this, then it can’t be that good. I beg to differ. While Star Wars Rebels is not as dark and definitely not at violent as Star Wars the Clone Wars, David Filoni has done a good job at putting together a story line that has plenty of action and humor. Star Wars Rebels follows along the lines of action and adventure that I remember from the original Star Wars Trilogy. There is also plenty of humor to go around.

With the kickoff of Season 2, Darth Vader brings major intensity to the show as well as being to take us down a darker path. The Inquisitor in season 1 has nothing on the true Dark Lord of the Sith. Vader’s crush on the people of Lothal can be felt and based upon the previews, we will have more Inquisitors to deal with.

Captain Rex in Star Wars Rebels Season Two

Captain Rex and Commander Wolfe are not in this first episode

When I heard Captain Rex’s voice during the Season 2 trailer, both my son and I screamed with excitement that Captain Rex was back. While the preview shows Captain Rex and Commander Wolfe will be in season 2, we do not see them during the first 2 episodes. I love hearing Captain Rex trash talk, “I hope you’ve brought a better class of soldiers than those Stormtroopers.”

While I am looking forward to seeing Captain Rex and the other clones, I wouldn’t want them to release all the exciting things happening throughout the scene in the first episode.

Season 2 is to be a Full Season

While, many were disappointed with how short season one was (13 episodes and Spark of Rebellion), many can be rest assured Season 2 will be a full season, which by Disney XD standards is around 26 episodes.

Ahsoka Lives

You have time to catch up before Season 2 will be on Disney XD

If you haven’t seen Spark of Rebellion or Season 1, I highly recommend you see them. You can watch/DVR reruns on Disney XD, or purchase them through online streaming such as iTunes.

Star Wars Rebels Season Two begins this summer with a one-hour movie event and continues this fall with all-new episodes on Disney XD.

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As with any television viewing, I believe parents need to monitor what their children are watching. While I don’t have any major concerns with this series, as I have stated earlier this season has already shown to be more intense than season 1. Personally I think this is a fun series that that whole family can sit down and enjoy together as a family.

May the Force be With You.

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