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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser Released

Star Wars The Force Awakens official teaser photos

While people battled Black Friday another battle ensued with Star Wars officially becoming the ultimate winner today just by releasing 88 seconds of a movie where all the geeks of the world are going wild, including myself. Not just any movie but The Force Awakens official teaser.

If your household was anything like ours, there was silence seeing for the very first time the official images we have been waiting years for just a glimpse. Then excitement and thrills as the Star Wars music flooded the room and gasps at the new lightsaber. While no details have been provided, we have three main questions after watching these 88 seconds.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Stormtrooper in the Desert played by John Boyega

Why is John Boyega all alone in the desert in the new Stormtrooper uniform?

Stormtroopers rarely ever work alone so we are hoping there is an amazing story behind the lone Stormtrooper. The uniforms are what everyone is really talking about though. Definitely love the new look and cannot wait to see our 501st members in this sleek uniform.

Star Wars The Force Awakens official teaser photos landspeeder Daisy Ridley

Who is Daisy Ridley escaping from on the speeder?

Perhaps Daisy is running toward something on the very strange popsicle looking speeder but at least one female was featured in the teaser so hopefully the critics will be happy.

Star Wars The Force Awakens dark side lightsaber

What is this new evil that emerges from the Dark Side?

We don’t know if they are Sith or an ancient evil that has emerged from the destruction of the Empire. One thing is for sure, lightsabers as we know them pale in comparison to the new one revealed today.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Millenium Falcon sneak peek

It was awesome to see the Millennium Falcon and Tie Fighters back on the big screen for the first time in 30 years. The updated X-Wing and X-Wing pilot along with the original music score by John Williams just brings back the memories from my childhood and cannot wait to take my boys to their first Star Wars movie in the theatres.

The official teaser is playing in 30 select theatres this weekend and will be seen in theatres around the world next month which is an awesome way to increase movie ticket sales for the end of 2014.

Can we just fast forward time to December 2015?

We need more Star Wars. Seriously.

Haven’t seen the video yet? Don’t look now because you will end up with more questions than answers and be left wanting more. We’ve warned you. Now go check out the video on iTunes or watch below.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in theatres December 2015 which is one entire year of agony of waiting.

Photography provided by Walt Disney Studios. Used with permission.

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