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Stay Connected with a New App for Couples: Twyxt

Twyxt app for couples screenshot from app store

A simple box is filled with love notes. Reminders of the time when our relationship was young and our marriage was new. Those cards and notes from my husband are neatly tucked away in a silver box, set aside to preserve our special memories. As technology changed drastically during these last 11 years of our marriage, notes have slowly given way to emails and texts.

My husband still shares love notes on my bathroom mirror but his humor really comes through when he texts me.

Amazing how technology sure has changed our communication.

Just like many couples, we sync our calendar on our phone. Now there is something else we can use technology for, to enhance our communication, beyond the simple dates or appointments.

Introducing a new app for couples called Twyxt.

Twyxt free iPhone app for couples Mommy Daddy texting and sharing pictures

Twyxt features include

  • Photobook with pictures shared privately with each other.
  • Private messaging creates the history of your love story.
  • Moodsharing includes emoticons.
  • Lists to keep everyone on the same page.

If you love photography, the photobook might be your favorite part but for those who like to organize the shared lists feature might be the most used part.

Creating a “Honey Do List” might seem like a great idea but might not be the best use of it in order to keep the romance alive, unless of course the list makes your relationship incredibly easier. {Wink}

Think of it as an electronic version of the silver box of love notes.

As a new iPhone user, this seems like a fun app for couples to use. This is just one more reason why my husband should get an iPhone.

Not only is it a new app for couples, just in time for Valentine’s Day, but it is also free! Read more about Twyxt and find out why they are launching tomorrow.

Marriage meets technology

Twyxt app for couples list available for free on Android

The app for couples is currently available to download for free in the iPhone app store and will be coming soon to Android.

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This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Twyxt. All opinions are my own. Images by Twyxt and used with permission.

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