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Super Easy Barbecue Cups Recipe

Super Easy Barbecue Cups

Looking for easy back to school dinner ideas is definitely something our family was looking for with this super easy barbecue cups recipe. Life is super busy with so many activities and events but making dinner time easier certainly helps make the end to the day better.

3 tips to help make easy back to school dinner time less stressful

Plan ahead. Have your meals planned out and the groceries purchased. When we do this our family eats at home. Without it, we tend to eat out. If you know you are going to be using ground beef more than once in a week, cook it all at one time on the weekend saves both time and conserves energy if you are on an energy savings plan during the week.

Picking up Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layers Original Biscuits


Utilize your freezer. When you have time, cook extra portions so you can simply take them out of the freezer and serve to your family. When we use this method, our chances of ordering out or going through a drive though decrease greatly on busy nights.

Involve the children. When children are younger, this actually added more time to the prep work involved. Now that my boys are older, they are becoming quite the little helpers in the kitchen. Not only can they help set the table, but they can help with prep work that is age appropriate, and also help clean the dishes. Chances are they are even more likely to eat new foods because they helped make it.

Cooking with kids is fun


One new recipe we discovered was fun to try and included the kids in the kitchen too.

We purchased Grands! Refrigerated Biscuits and just three other ingredients to make the delicious Grands! Barbecue Cups. All you need are the Grands! Biscuits, ground beef, barbecue sauce, and shredded cheese. I followed their directions exactly with one minor change. I am not a huge fan of barbecue sauce so I omitted that ingredient from my cups.

What makes this easy for kids to do is spreading out the dough. They need to be flattened a little bit and my seven year old was certainly excited to help get his hands on the dough.

Flatening out Pillsbury Grands Biscuits to make Barbecue Cups


The Wright Verdict:

  • 10 year old son: One thumb up.
  • 7 year old son: Two thumbs up. {He helped make them.}
  • Husband: One and 1/2 thumbs up.
  • Me: Two thumbs up. {When there is no barbecue sauce.}

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits cups filled with meat and cheese and ready for the oven


The barbecue cups come out as their own little serving container and are super cute. They are small in size since you use a muffin tin so if you serve one per person these would also make great football party appetizers for game day. Of course one per person would never really suffice because you cannot just stop at one so plan accordingly. We will definitely be making these again for an easy back to school dinner.

If you are like me and only used Grands! as JUST biscuits, then let me help broaden your world for you. Visit Pillsbury and download the Pillsbury recipe booklet. There are amazing and super easy recipes that even I could make, because if you’ve been reading for awhile you know I am not a cook and I do not play one on my blog.

Share with me in the comments below the Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits recipe you are most excited to try and be sure to like Pillsbury on Facebook.

When it a super busy time for your family, simple and easy meals become more important. What helps create an easy back to school dinner at your house?

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