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Take Photos from Drab to Fab with Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020

Photo edited with Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020

Whether you are a budding photographer or just want to make your photos a little bit better, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 at Best Buy has something for everyone. 

Quick, Guided, and Expert Mode

In less than a minute your photos can go from drab to fab with just a few clicks. The quick editing setting gives you direct control over your photo editing and shows you nine different options to choose from. Simply hovering the mouse over the options shows you in real time what the edit would look like, giving you the ultimate ability to make the best choices for each photo.

Guided mode allows you to add awesome effects to your photos and the step by step directions show you how to manipulate your photos.

Expert mode gives you the most control over your photos and for some people that is where they will start but most people may never even use Expert mode.

Whatever mode you use it totally up to you, as this photo editing software works for beginners all the way up to advanced editors.

After working with several of my own photos testing out Photoshop Elements 2020 there is one feature that is far superior than the others: removing unwanted objects. Often times the perfect picture moment presents itself but something is wrong in the background. Whether it is a sign or a person that distracts from the beauty of the image, you can now remove those items and have the best photo possible.

Before editing photo with Adobe Photshop Elements 2020

Edited photo with Adobe Photshop Elements 2020

This picture of our dog was taken on the day we rescued her. It is one of our family’s favorite photos of her but the leash was always a distracting element. In less than a minute the leash was removed, along with the shadow from the leash, and all the leaves in the grass. Take a look at the before and after to compare. This truly took her photo from drab to fab.

Raw beach photo

Edited beach photo with Adobe Photshop Elements 2020

Another example of removing unwanted objects from pictures is this one taken on our recent trip to Florida. The entry way to the beach was beautiful and my son walking ahead of me led to this awesome photo. The post in the water and the sign just above the bushes on the right were distracting from the beauty of the photo. With just a few clicks both items were removed from the photo and then I transformed it to black and white. Those two editing tools totally changed the look and feel of this photo. Of course, if desired, my son could be removed from the photo with the quick and easy tool to remove unwanted parts from your images.

Before and after photo edited with Adobe Photshop Elements 2020

When taking pictures of sunsets the vibrance of the colors can get lost. This picture of my boys at the beach in California was one of my favorites from our recent trip. A few quick taps and the colors were made more vibrant, the photo was straightened so the ocean and the horizon are straight, and a surfer was removed from the photo. Check out the side by side comparison of the photos.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 Features:

  • Automatic colorization
  • One click subject selection
  • Depth of field effects
  • Automatic skin smoothing.
  • Tutorials help you make the best edits on your photos
  • Automatically colorize photos
  • Guided edits to get the look you want
  • Prints and gifts service with over 140 photo gifts
  • Organize photos easily

Make photo gifts with Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020

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Hopefully seeing examples from our photos gives you an idea of what you can create from your photos. Whatever picture you choose, have fun editing it. Before long you will know first hand how easy it is to take your photos from drab to fab.

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