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Technology Makes Outdoor Movie Theater Easy

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Technology makes outdoor movie theater portable

Everyone likes to take time to get away from it all and leave technology behind, but sometimes bringing it along makes the trip more fun when technology makes an outdoor movie theater easy.

Camping is the number one requested item from many children for fun activities to do.  Whether it is camping in your backyard or hundreds of miles away from home, bringing a family fun movie along for the trip is a great way to end a full day of excitement outdoors from fishing, hiking, or simply catching frogs.

Four Things Needed for an Outdoor Movie Theater:

  1. Mobile hotspot
  2. Laptop
  3. Wi-Fi smart projector
  4. Screen

No matter your location, the mobile hotspot allows you to access movies through Wi-Fi from your laptop. Simply connect the laptop and the Wi-Fi smart projector to the mobile hotspot to watch your favorite movie on the big screen without any wires to trip on in the dark.

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You can purchase an inflatable screen just for the occasion but a simple white sheet strung between two trees with rope also does the trick.

The hardest part of this setup is finding one movie everyone can agree on. If you stay several nights then each person can pick their favorite movie, making everyone happy.

S’mores and popcorn made over the campfire will settle everyone down for a family movie night you won’t soon forget.

Depending upon where you are at, you might want to consider inviting your neighbors over for the movie. You just might end up being “that family” who is the coolest in the camp.


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Your outdoor movie theater is fun and easy to do making it one of the first items you will pack on your next camping trip or backyard adventure.

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