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The Jim Henson Company Launches Doozers New TV Show for Kids

Doozers is a new TV show for kids from The Jim Henson Company

Fans of Fraggle Rock will delight as they introduce their children to a new tv show for kids created by The Jim Henson Company. Doozers premiered five free shows today on Hulu Kids and is Hulu’s first original series for kids. I was delighted to have an opportunity to interview one of the creative geniuses behind Doozers, Brendan Boyle in this sponsored post for Doozers.

Doozers is a new TV show for kids, geared for preschoolers.

With 52 episodes to premiere, a few rolled out today with plans to spread them out so the episodes can be watched all year long.

Doozers new TV show for kids on Hulu

Meet the characters of Doozers.

  • Spike is willing to take more risks than the other Doozers. He pushes the Pod Squad members to step outside of their comfort zones, and his ideas sound like such a blast that it’s hard for them to say no. Spike’s mom is the Chief Doozer of Doozer Creek and his little sister is Daisy Wheel.
  • Molly Bolt is the organizer of the group and the one to set plans in motion. She is a planner, list-maker, digital butterfly clipboard-carrier, and multi-tasker. Molly Bolt lives in a treehouse with her father, Baker Timberbolt, and mother, Chief Architect.
  • Flex imagines all the possibilities. He drives the Pod Squad’s Podmobile, captains the Podblimp, and frequently volunteers to be the test pilot of new inventions or products.
  • Daisy Wheel is the youngest, cutest and most precocious member of the Pod Squad! She’s also the smallest, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in spunk!

Enjoy a preview of Doozers about electromagnetic power.

In the interview yesterday, we talked with Brendan Boyle who is a consulting associate professor at Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (the, where he teaches “From Play to Innovation,” a course he created. He serves on the board of the National Institute for Play, a nonprofit committed to bringing the knowledge, practices, and benefits of play into public life.

When we asked what Brendan’s favorite games or apps where he said, “I have a ton of favorite apps. Some we developed. To be honest as a parent I am happiest when the kids are outside just exploring or playing with blocks.” He goes on to say, “I wish the world was flipped where you can’t do your homework until you go outside and play.” 

Five things you need to know about Doozers from the interview with Brendan Boyle.

  1. Science for preschoolers is observing and exploring the world.
  2. Technology for preschoolers is the use of tools to achieve a goal.
  3. The Doozers are always using high tech tools and inventing their own tools.
  4. There is always a team with Doozers.
  5. The Henson folks have a real playful culture.

Doozers premieres on Hulu

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[quote]Spike, Molly Bolt, Flex and Daisy Wheel, four entrepreneurial CGI animated Doozers who teach kids to design, create and innovate. Lisa Henson recently shared that a Doozer spin-off has always been part of the Henson road map, but this modern twist integrates challenges around science, technology, arts, engineering and math (STEAM). The Pod Squad may not always succeed, but they’re always determined, whether building a Radish-A-Pault or a Doozermahoozit. Doozers was created by The Jim Henson Company (Dinosaur Train and Sid the Science Kid) and DHX Media (Yo Gabba Gabba and Johnny Test!).[/quote]

Photos courtesy of Hulu/The Jim Henson Company. © 2013 The Jim Henson Company and used with permission.

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