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Thor: The Dark World is Thortastic

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Watching Thor: The Dark World at a movie premiere before it opened in theaters left me a few days to think long and hard about what would be included in the movie review. Many drafts later, there are really only three words that can adequately describe this movie.

Thor is hot.

I know. Definitely not what you were looking for when you came to read this but there it is. You know it is true. Chris Hemsworth is Thortastic. I just had to put it out there so we can get on with the rest of the movie.

Thor The Dark World Asgardian

Thor: The Dark World is surprisingly one of my top ten movies of 2013.

As a mom of boys who love superheroes it is my duty to know their world of play and our entire family even dressed as The Avengers for Halloween at Disneyland.

Thor delivers an amazing and thrilling performance where the audience is completely transported back in time to Asgard where it feels as if we never left. The sequel is more amazing than the first movie and the images are breathtaking.

Thor The Dark World Funeral

Although I was not a Loki fan in Avengers or Thor, I was quite surprised to find myself cheering for Loki in this movie. Be prepared for Loki, though. The source of where his powers come from is revealed and he has the best role in the movie. Tom Hiddleston steals the movie in one particular scene where it is difficult to hear some of the lines from the prolonged laughter throughout the audience.

Know before you go:

  • Stay until the end of all of the credits. Don’t leave when you see the first clip. Trust me. You don’t want to miss a really important scene that leaves more questions than answers.
  • You do not need to see Thor or have any prior knowledge to see this movie. The story line does an excellent job of taking you right in; however, it may be beneficial to know the back story.
  • Seeing the film in 3D brings out the richness and depth of the cinematography. The funeral scene is breathtakingly beautiful and haunting at the same time.
  • The audience clapped when the movie finished. It was just that good.

Thor and Loki in handcuffs

Are you cheering for Loki or for Thor?

The rating of PG-13 is accurate and is a little intense on the fighting scenes. If you are trying to decide if Thor: The Dark World is appropriate for children under 13, here is my answer. The violence is this film is less than Man of Steel and would be comparable to Iron Man 3. There is one line of “Holy Shit!” There are a few scenes of someone streaking but the image is blurred and one character is clad in underwear.

Much to the disappointment of female Thor fans, there is only one short scene where Chris may cause younger female audience members to swoon. He definitely leaves them wanting more.

Thor and Jane on Asgard

Will Thor be able to defend Asgard and bring peace against an enemy older than time or will he be the one who dies fighting to save the one he loves?

Be sure to put Thor: The Dark World on your list of movies you have to watch in 2013. With the battle of good and evil mixed with stories of love and brotherhood this is one film you do not want to miss.

Thor: The Dark World premieres November 8th in 3D. Marvel fans can connect with Thor on Facebook.

Photography by Disney & Marvel. Used with permission.

Media passes were provided in order to facilitate this review and my husband was more than thrilled to accompany me for the very first time to a press screening. All opinions are my own.

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