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Three Rides Transformed for Christmas at Disneyland

Jingle Cruise and Christmas Rides at Disneyland

Christmas time at the Disneyland Resort  brings out thousand of lights, ornaments, and garland down Main Street but it is a wonderful time to experience three familiar rides in a different way when they are transformed for Christmas. Even though Disney provided a media ticket, the pure love of Disney is always my own.

Haunted Mansion Holiday The Nightmare Before Christmas ride

Three rides transformed for Christmas at Disneyland

Attention Jingle Cruise Skippers

Jingle Cruise

The World Famous Jungle Cruise as you know it has changed. The shipment of Christmas supplies crashed on the way for delivery and ended up all over the jungle.

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Christmas Tree and Snowman on the Jingle Cruise ride at Disneyland

If you think you’ve heard every joke ever told on the Jungle Cruise and can repeat them by heart, then the Jingle Cruise is a refreshing look at new lame jokes that still make you chuckle.

As for what happens to the decorations when they land in the jungle, well we don’t want to ruin the surprise for you. One thing we will share is that we finally know what to do with fruit cake.

It's a Small World Christmas lights

It’s A Small World

The familiar tune that you just can’t get out of your head is refreshingly different at Christmas with the combining of Jingle Bells for a new sound that still keeps the traditional sound you expect from this ride.

Santa's Naughty or Nice list on It's a Small World Christmas ride

The entrance welcome sign is different and the balloons the little children at holding look like wrapped presents. Characters are different and as you enter the lands the holiday greeting is in their language, even though you do not find Merry Christmas anywhere in the ride.

Look close and you just might find your name on Santa’s naughty or nice list. For my boys it is always an amazing to see if their name is on the list…or not.

Ho Ho Holidays It's a Small World cruise at Christmas

In the final room, the Mayflower Pole is transformed into a giant Snowman.

What is most spectacular about this ride is what must be millions of lights outside that completely changes the look of It’s A Small World from the traditional white to all aglow in red.

Happy Holidays Snowman on It's a Small World Christmas ride

If you can’t make it this holiday season but still want to enjoy the ride, then check out our video below.

Haunted Mansion Christmas Clock

Haunted Mansion Holiday

Transformed in late September for the Halloween season, Haunted Mansion stays decorated this way through Christmas. These months used to be when I avoided the ride but since watching Haunted Mansion and The Nightmare Before Christmas, this is now my preferred time to ride. One reason is it is not quite as scary for children and adults since the hanging person in the elevator is replaced by Jack Skellington.

Jack Skellington as Sandy Claws from The Nightmare Before Christmas on Haunted Mansion Holiday ride

Fans of Sandy Claws, Sally, Oogie Boogie, and especially Zero will enjoy seeing them throughout the ride on your journey to Halloween Town. Lock, Shock, and Barrel are also spotted on this ride.

Pumpkin angels on Haunted Mansion Holiday ride at Disneyland

There are so many changes in the ride decorations that it feels like a completely new ride for those who are Disney fanatics. Look closely at the end and you may even have a surprise in your buggy instead of a ghost who follows you home.

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While any day at Disneyland is an awesome day, there is just something extra magical about going at Christmas. Even though our day was filled with a constant downpour of liquid sunshine and being soaked from head to toe we could still feel the Disney magic, especially on these three rides transformed for Christmas at Disneyland.

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