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Tomodachi Life Creates a World for Mii Characters

Tomodachi Life on Nintendo 2DS 3DS

It is hard to be a fan of Nintendo and not love the creation of the Mii characters. Now they have their own world in Tomodachi Life where you create the Mii’s and bring them to life. Although not a game we were planning on playing, having the video game provided to us to enjoy and review meant we found a new game the entire family can play on either the 2DS or 3DS.

Tomodachi Life has no end game in mind that you need to achieve but don’t let that fool you into thinking you won’t want to play it. A game that was simply an introduction to it to then hand over to the boys to play turned into a much longer period of game play than expected.

Nintendo 2DS and 3DS Tomodachi Life Island for Mii's Mii Apartments on Tomodachi Life Island

The game begins with Tomoachi Life Island that needs a name. With 10 letters you can create your own island where the Mii characters will live and play. Your Mii look-alike is the first official islander as they begin a new life.

Discover what your Mii’s are up to.

Create a Mii that looks like you. Once done, the construction was just completed on an apartment building with 24 apartments where the Mii characters live. To see what the Mii’s are up to, just click on a window to interact with the Mii when you enter their apartment. Simply tap the thought bubbles to see what they have to say. They may have a request for you to fulfill such as food, clothes, or friend requests.

Choose food at Food Mart with salads, soda, steak, and more to keep your Mii characters happy. When you feed the Mii they level up, only if they like the food. After you discover their favorite foods, fortunately there is a cheat screen that shows their top three favorite foods to keep track.

Welcome to Mii News Mii fashion on Tomodachi Life Nintendo DS video game

When you want to give something to a Mii, click on the present icon. When a Mii levels up you can give him or her a present of a song, up to 8 gifts, interior designs for their apartment, a new phrase, or pocket money. By solving a Mii’s problem, their happiness increases and you just might be rewarded back with a present from them, in addition to money. Rewards include various strange items such as tissue and toilet paper. Extra or unnecessary items can be sold for cash at the Pawn Shop.

Create new Mii’s at Town Hall where you can name them, give them a birth date, and pick every facial feature including glasses, makeup, and facial hair. Customize the voice for the Mii, giving them one of 16 personalities, and create custom phrases to say along with the physical expression to match their emotions.

Happiness level of Mii on Tomodachi Life Masks on the wall for Mii apartment decor

Mii’s decide which food and clothes they like

Once a day characters can donate money in a clear piggy jar at the Fountain, saving for something fun. Observation Tower and Beach are just some of the fun places for Mii characters to enjoy. Shops include Hats and Interiors Shop to create custom clothing choices and apartment decor.

Relationships are essential

Besides food and new clothes, a Mii’s greatest desire is to have friends. They ask you if they should be friends with someone and ask for your advice on what to talk about and how to talk to a new friend. You give them advice of one of four choices to help them become friends. When a Mii falls in love, they get married, and eventually have a baby Mii. The Compatibility Tester just might help you with this.

Mii’s like to play

Games are fun for the Mii and you as you try to beat them in football and a food and treasure pixel quiz. Quirky Questions gives an opportunity to find out answers from a group of people and learn more about the islanders.

Mii News is given daily at 7 am and 7 pm plus special times where new features unlocked are explained. The newscasters can be any of the Mii’s you created, which are a delight to children to watch.

Even Miis need to go to the beach Concert Hall performance with Mii characters

The Concert Hall is a great celebration place where an islander performs songs and have four backup dancers. You choose the style of music from rock and roll to opera and more. Mii’s can also sing in their apartment too.

A game the entire family can enjoy

This is a game the entire family can play, as the most objectionable items are the only drink options are soda and one of the games involves tickling someone’s nose with a feather.

The entire island is a playground for Mii’s you create where they live, eat, and play. For a game with no objective other than to watch a world of characters, it can be time consuming to play as you get sucked into their digital life unlocking new areas after completing specific tasks. The options for game play are essentially endless, making Tomodachi Life a fun Nintendo game for the 2DS or 3DS.

ESRB Rating: E for everyone

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    Thanks for sharing your Tomadachi Life experience and the details really make conquering this game seem like and adventure full of calculated steps and moves. If gamers decide to figure it out on their own, they could be in for a lot of surprises and a little frustration. Trying to figure out the food likes and what will please these little characters could be a little difficult. Despite being excited about new and upcoming games, I am really loyal to Super Mario Bros. and think the many adventures available under that titles will never grow old, like you. You are extremely young at heart! I’m excited about our Get $10 Gamers Program at Best Buy and can’t wait to tell more of my customers about it. Who does not want to earn $10 to use toward another purchase for purchasing something they were already going to buy anyway?


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