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Transform Your TV with the Vizio Sound Bar

Vizio Sound Bar SB3821

One of the highlights of working with technology is finding a rare gem of an item that totally changes your experience. When Vizio sent me their Vizio Sound Bar SB-3821 no one could prepare me for what was about to happen.

When everything was unboxed, we kept all the packaging just in case the product needed to be returned. After all, what could be so amazing about a super long speaker measuring at 38″? One word: everything.

Everything you need comes in one funky looking box

Setting up the Vizio Sound Bar is simple. Unboxing to using took less than five minutes. The funky looking box contains everything needed to set up your new sound system: high definition sound bar, wireless subwoofer, remote control with two AAA batteries, two power cables, coaxial audio cable, stereo RCA to 3.5mm audio cable, digital optical cable, two sound bar wall mount brackets and mount screws, quick start quide, and the wall mount template.

First use of the sound bar blows you away. Guaranteed.

It’s all about the bass…

Everyone knows it’s all about the bass. The rich immersive sound comes into your home and what used to be reserved for just the movie theatres is no longer the case when the sound bar pulls you into the movie.

Lights on the Vizio Sound Bar shows sound levels

Your TV never sounded so good

Whether you have a brand new curved TV or one that is eight years old and bought purely because it fit into the cabinet so the doors could be shut and you never use the door, your TV never sounded so good.

The surest way to test the difference in sound is to put on your favorite movie. Turn off the usual sound of your TV and then turn on the sound bar. The first few notes of one of our favorite movies made all of us speechless. We all stared at each other in compete disbelief. The boys asked if we could keep the sound bar and never use our TV sound again. They had the right idea.

The sound bar design fits with any decor

The first thought when unboxing the 48″ long sound bar was that it was going to be obtrusive and an eye sore but once it was placed in front of the TV, it blended right in to the surroundings and is barely noticeable. As someone who likes minimal eye clutter, the sleek black design is easy on the eye and can even be wall mounted directly underneath a wall mounted TV or simply placed in front of the TV.

You’re going to upset the neighbors

With sound so good you can feel it, the neighbors surely will too and then you will have to invite them in to enjoy it first hand.

Movies, Music, and Gaming

The built-in Bluetooth allows you to play music, videos, or even video games from your smartphone. Movies, music, and gaming feels completely different when using the Vizio Sound Bar.

Vizio Sound Bar Controls

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Vizio Sound Bar make movies, music, and gaming come alive in ways never thought possible in your own living room. Rarely does a tech item make it onto our list of must have items for every household but this Vizio Sound Bar definitely takes your audio experience to an entirely new level.

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