Teen Contributor

Teen Contributor

Meet our Teen Contributor, known simply as Mickey Fett.

He is the son of our Head Geek and Chief Nerd ICON.

Mickey Fett is the most recognized member of the entire family. He has never had a hair cut and has naturally curly long hair.

He is an active cosplayer with multiple costumes. His favorites are his Mickey Fett, Biker Scout, Anakin Skywalker, and Star-Lord.

Since his mother cannot give him a stage to perform on every day, she created a YouTube channel so he could have a bigger audience. Give him a microphone and he will happily attract an audience, which he has done from the moment he could talk.

Mickey Fett is a member of The Galactic Academy. In a few years, when he turns 18 years old he will join the 501st Legion as a Biker Scout. He is also a member of the Madalorian Mashups group.

When not at Comicon he is found reading, playing video games, creating with LEGO bricks, or giving back to his community at charity events.

Mickey Fett
Teen Contributor