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Untangle Yourself With Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

This post is sponsored by VerveLife in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.

Untangle Yourself with VerveOnes Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Get untangled with wireless earbuds for your active lifestyle with the launch of VerveLife products in the USA. They are designed for real life with work, play, and social in mind with the trusted name of Motorola behind the product.

First impressions upon opening the box is noticing the funky design that holds the earbuds in place. Not only is it a portable charger, it also protects your wireless earbuds when not in use. Ours were already charged when we opened the box.

Setting up your earbuds on your iPhone takes three simple steps. First you simply remove them from the round charge case and place in your ears. You will hear “VerveOnes connected. More than three hours of playtime. Earbuds linked.” from a female voice. Second is setting your Bluetooth smartphone to discoverable and connect. Third is selecting the music, video, or podcast for your listening pleasure. Of all the choices, the third is the hardest. What will you listen to first?

Whether you want to increase productivity, make a workout easier, or just relax with a great audio book, VerveOnes have you covered.

Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds in Hand

The perfect fit for your ears is easy with six interchangeable options of gels for the ear pieces. Three gels are single round gels most people are familiar with and three are double round gels which provide a custom fit for you.

To make the most out of your comfort level, be sure to give extra time to get used to the size in your ears. While every effort is made for them to be compact, they are larger than the normal earbuds people are used to using. After only a few minutes the size issue went away and we hardly noticed they were there.

If you are listening to your awesome playlist and a phone call comes in, the earbuds are automatically tuned into the phone call. Simply accept the phone call and then immediately click the audio button on your iPhone keypad. Select VerveOnes to allow the audio to feed through your earbuds. You can use the same earbuds as your microphone to continue working or living life while having a conversation. When the phone call is finished, it goes right back to your playlist or whatever you were listening to before the call. Think giant Bluetooth clip on the ear people used to use as a status symbol in the grocery store to carry on conversations and now realize it is much smaller, modern, and more discreet.

When you have exhausted the battery life on the earbuds, simply place them back in the charge case and connect the USB cord that came included in the box. Place on the charger until the blinking white light turns solid. How long it takes to charge VerveOnes was about two hours, based upon our experience, until they will be ready for your next adventure.

VerveOnes Wireless Earbuds Product Details:

  • Up to 33 feet of Bluetooth connectivity
  • Interact and control Siri
  • Completely wireless
  • Connects to smartphones, tablets, and computers via Bluetooth
  • Charges in portable earbud case
  • Up to 12 hours of playtime
  • HD sound
  • Six round gels for ear comfort
  • Dual mics pause music for incoming calls
  • Google Now compatible

VerveLife App for Wireless Earbuds

Get the most out of your earbuds with the free VerveLife app

Use the app to customize your sound, pick a language for voice prompt, and turn on pass-through audio. Additionally it shows the percentage left in each earbud for battery life.

Through the app, six equalizer settings offer a custom sound quality for music and videos. Whether you want stronger guitar, boosted bass, raised treble, or enhanced acoustics there are six options to choose from for your custom listening experience. The six settings are: Balanced, Rhythm, Live, Moto Sound, Brilliant, and Bass.

We all know life happens and sometimes you misplace important items. These earbuds are no exception. The app also helps you locate your lost earbuds by showcasing the last location shown on a map. While they can’t tell where in your house they are, they can let you know if you left them at the gym or your workplace. If you get into the habit of putting them back in the charge case when you are finished using them, it should be easier to find them.

Even as awesome as these are, there are a few drawbacks of the product. While the earbuds are charging, any features on the app become unusable until the charge case is unplugged. Additionally, the app gives you no indication of how much time is left in order for the product to reach a full charge. These would be an awesome features to have and ones that I hope they add in future updates to their app. You definitely are tied to the charge case as there is no other way to charge the buds. Also, if you pull the buds out of their case and don’t use them right away they go to sleep so you have to put them back in and pull them back out in order to wake them up. These limitations should not deter you from selecting these for your workouts or busy lifestyle.

Many Uses For Wireless Earbuds

If you have long hair, VerveOnes are discreet. No one knows you are wearing them if your hair covers your ears. While it is not recommended, you can be listening to your favorite music in one ear while attending something else. No one would know the difference, unless you start belting out the lyrics to your favorite 80’s boy band.

While both earbuds give you a better sound, you can choose to use only one. This allows you to pay attention to your surroundings while still enjoying your favorite sounds.

Children who share one screen during travel no longer have to sit huddled together with a single pair of headphones stretched tight just so they can hear. With the distance allowed from the device, anyone in the car can share them and they do not have to sit next to each other. As always, to protect your child’s hearing be sure to set the volume with your device to the lowest setting possible. Children younger than ten years old may not like the fit for their smaller ears.

Check out our unboxing video below showcasing everything that comes with the VerveOnes and how they fit into our tween contributor’s ears.

VerveLife sent us the VerveOnes to try and share with you. If you are interested in these wireless earbuds but looking for sweat and waterproof earbuds, then check out VerveOnes+ for this added feature. They also have other products, VerveRider+, VerveCam+, and VerveLoop+, that may be of interest to you.

VerveLife Products for Active Lifestyles

VerveLife | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | #VerveLife #YourMove

VerveOnes wireless earbuds provide excellent sound quality and portability without being tied down to wires, allowing you to live your best life without limits while still staying connected.

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